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I had a public To Do list on my old wiki, but never set one up on my new one. I just set one up. My inflow of email consistently overruns my ability to act on them and I am feeling increasingly guilty about stuff that I miss. If you're waiting for me to do something or would like to suggest that I do something, please feel free to add it to my public To Do list on my wiki. You'll have to register in order to edit the page if you haven't already. This doesn't guarantee that I'll do it, but at least I won't forget it or lose the email. Sorry to push this burden on you and I realize that I SHOULD really do this myself, but it will help me track stuff and be a bit more responsive. Thanks.


Eh ?? This is kewl. You just created a online version of the servent/leader paradigm!! Where they , the others lead and manage you more then you manage them!!

Interesting leadership trait in wiki form !!

I agree with /pd. This is extremely cool. Hopefully I will be able to justify doing this for myself one day.


Take a long bath, or find a comfy chair at home or elsewhere to slowly sip a glass of something tasty.

Spend at least 30 minutes on this :)