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I'm off to the US today. I will be stopping by San Francisco on my way to attend Future in Review in San Diego. I'll be on a panel about Japan. Meeting Karel van Wolferen the day before yesterday was helpful since I feel a bit out of touch with Japan these days. On the other hand, I felt that my views were just reinforced by a "kindred spirit", but this gives me the confidence to state my opinions firmly.


How long will you be in San Francisco? Just a stop-over?

Keep tellin me were you off to. Just make me envious. :-) But enviousness is nothing bad in my opinion. I'm happy with you and I'm thankful that I can, partly, experience your travels around the world. I just love to read what's going on in your life and anyone who doesn't should head on and read any other blog. But they would miss a much. You opened my mind for many things I've never heard about like CC. And as a writer and journalist in Germany CC touches me and my work. So keep up the good work and don't let them bring you down, okay?!

Thanks Andreas!

Angie. It's a short trip. I'm leaving tomorrow for San Diego.

Hi Joi,

next time you should visit D - All things are digital.
The Event from the Wall Street Journal:



Ewan and I are meeting up in San Diego this Friday near Horton Plaza for late breakfast, early lunch, interested joining us?