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I just noticed the Stealth Disco article on Wikipedia recently had an {{explain-significance}} slapped on it. This means that if we can't explain why it is significant, it will be nominated for deletion. Stealth Disco reminds me of the fun we used to have and it would be a pity to see Stealth Disco disappear from Wikipedia. Anyone have any good Stealth Disco stories or developments we can use to expand the article?

My first Stealth Disco

Stealth Disco'ed by Halley

UPDATE: Link to original Stealth Disco video from mhegge. (wmv) Must See.


Surely the significance is obvious? The stealth disco humorously explores the fuzzy boundary between the public and the private space, which has been subtly rearranged by digital technology.

I don't have any stories, but here's a video (WMV).

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hey mhegge, the video is a great compilation.. the closing scene is classic ineptitude :-)

Excellent. This is the original video that inspired us all. I'm going to add a link on the wikipedia page now. ;-)

I wrote up a Wikipedia page on "Google Jockeying" and it's been nominated for deletion. Humph!

But are terms like "stealth disco" or "Google Jockeying" really going to be around a couple of years from now? Will anyone reference wikipedia for more information on either of them?

These are both pretty specific terms. I am not sure that they fit the encyclopedia model very well. They probably belong in another Wiki.

I always liked to think of Wikipedia as evolving towards something like "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy": an encyclopedia of everything.

One (of many) advantages of digital media over printed versions is that they are not limited anymore by restrictions of size. Why bother with (something subjective as) significance? It exists: there's your significance.

PS: Sure, years from now people might not know anymore what they mean with "Stealth Disco" or something else that's gotten out of use. ... Uhm, but wouldn't that exactly be a good reason to look it up in an encyclopedia?

I don't know how they invented the name for it. I myself just found out about it just now.. but I think it's fun thing to do at work LOL. I don't mind if my co-workers and I do that kind of thing once in a while.. together.. Oh, but then it wouldn't be called "stealth" disco anymore, right? I hope Wikipedia won't delete it.

Just to be clear, that's not my video, nor is it on my website. I just thought it was funny.

well, i will be looking forward to see the joi ito stealth dancing video posted at the wikipedia site or on your blog!!! just to have that up there must be reason enough! ;) sorry was the best thing i could think of. you can do it with your telephone and a friend and post it in 3gp format. ;) cant wait to seeeee!