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BitTorrent have just launched a search service. It allows you to search for legal Torrents. Someone slashdotted the secret URL before it was launched and they moved it about an our later. The amazing thing is that someone wrote a Firefox search extension in the hour it was up. ;-)

Anyway, this launch is official. It looks like they underestimated the interest and the site is really slow right now, but give it a try in a bit.

I would also like to disclose that I am in discussions with BitTorrent about joining their advisory board. It's not inked yet, but I thought I'd mention it since I've been blogging a lot about BitTorrent these days. And just to be clear, this is a recent development and I was not in such discussions during the jury process when we gave BitTorrent an award.


we were hitting 5-6 queries a second within hours of launching! not sure where the volume was before it rolled over, but stay tuned, and sorry for the delay!

Great news about the advisory board Joi: I remember discussing BitTorrent with you in Beijing last September :) this definitively looks like a great development for Bram!

Oh boy. Try a search for 'Doctor Who'. 56 matches.

50 for 'Dr Who', 27 for 'Sith'.

If you want to find real legal torrents check out

Over 590 movies, hundreds of linux distros, games etc!

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