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ccSouth-Africa: "Commons-Sense Conference"

So day two of a fantastic conference at Wits, in South Africa. Sponsored by the LINK Centre, the conference celebrates the launch of Creative Commons South Africa. The conference is being covered by 15 students and a couple staff members from the New Media Lab at the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies. The site has moblog, video links, blog, pictures and audio -- basically one of the best examples of real time conference coverage that I've seen. What they've done would be amazing enough in the core of Silicon Valley. But in this network-thin space, it is really extraordinary.

I so wish I were in South Africa for the launch of ccSouth-Africa. Thanks for the wonderful coverage. It almost makes me more jealous, but it's great to see everything that went on. Anyway, congratulations to all involved.


Hi from Rhodes University! Just a quick pat on the back to the journ department for setting up the site so quickly.

Thanks for the kind comments - we plan to take this kind of coverage further next year - and appreciate your interest. --Members of the New Media Lab--