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I went to the CNN office on Sunset in LA today to record an interview for a program that Aaron Brown is doing. I talked about the evolution of media, Global Voices, spectrum deregulation, Gillian Caldwell and WITNESS, Creative Commons, BitTorrent and all of my favorite topics. It will be interesting to see what survives the editors. It's suppose to air Friday next week. It's likely that I will be out of CNN reach although it should be running internationally. If anyone sees it, let me know how it went. Thanks.

UPDATE: Regarding on-air time

Scheduled to air this coming Friday, June 3.  10 pm edt is start of our broadcast. Could be aired anytime before 11 pm edt. Don't know precisely.


Joi, I can't wait to see your discussion on CNN. Do you know if other bloggers are being interviewed for the report?

As more bloggers seek and gain visiblity in MSM, I wonder if that visiblity will improve the image of bloggers, or damage it.

Hi Joi, the real media revolution is the one that's been happening in developing countries, dontcha think? FM Radio in Africa, blogging in Iran and China, texting in the Philippines... Keep up the good work, though - many of my favourites too. Best wishes.

WonkThis!: Eeek. I hadn't seen that picture of Halley. I don't know who else was interviewed.

Homo Iridens: Yes. Exactly. My blurb about Global Voices was exactly that. I think that providing voice to more and more people will be the cornerstone for emerging democracies.

Actually, I have seen that picture of Halley. She showed it to me once.

Well, the whole set of photos are certainly attention grabbers. Not sure what the images are meant to communicate.

There's irony in it too given all the fuss over Paris Hilton's recent TV commercial in the US. Is Halley the new media Paris Hilton?

Hi Joi:

So what's happening with you in 2006? I just read about (and thus, didn't see/hear the CNN interview. Hey, but you were in my town.

For me, there's a major change since I'll be on LIVE at (I think that's the way you find it simulcast on the internet. I tried to reach you about it. Thought it would be fun to have my international e-pal (no longer are we pen pals in this age)...on my show.

Let me know please...will you be around the LA area after January 17th 2006? We're already fully booked until mid March 2006. But, if I'm also going live on an additional day, we may have booking space prior to mid-March, 2006.

In the mean time, see you on TV cable Charter (Pasadena and Altadena for first airing and then, broadcast "all over" on TV).
Days: 9:00 AM PST to 10:00 PST on ("S" in Kpas as in the station is owned by the City of Pasadena, so it's KPAS and the next is the numeral 5 for channel 56 on CHarter cable. Other stations will have my program on at probably other times. I won't know the times or places yet since the time of my show is changing.

Got any good people that should have an opportunity to be interviewed? Let me know about them - use my e-mail:,

Gam batte ne...omochi hayaku takusan tabetara abunai! Ummm New Years food in Japan.

over and out,
Aeliot Boswell