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Listening to Open Source Radio right now. Excellent...


Interesting idea...but not quite open sourcey enough yet.
Some of the participating radio stations only offer you a choice of Windows Media Player or RealNetworks Player. Since I hate having all of my defaults messed up by the install processes of both companies I basically will not listen to those stations.

Too bad that they dont allow you to RSS this to a podcatcher. I would love more NPR style content on my podshows that i listen to. I have no time for actual radio - which is the allure of podcasting. neh?

Actually, we do have a podcast feed, here:

The RSS button that reads "podcast" is on the site as well. We're letting you in on the show as we put it together, which means you see the warts as we figure out how best to present it and pull in content and ideas.

One surprise. We went out to dinner after our first show last night; I had intended to post an mp3 when I got home, only to discover, via Dave Winer -- on the wireless network in the sports bar where we were eating wings -- that someone already had recorded the stream and posted it.

As to the streaming question, have patience. Public radio stations do a lot with little; we should be thankful that they're streaming in even more than one format. Or streaming at all. We're working on this, but don't dismiss public radio for streaming to the broadest common denominator.

Aww can you link it to a podcast? That would be ace.