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I just talked to Dan Gillmor who installed the new Quicktime 7.0.1 upgrade and looks like it has broken the OS. He was running Tiger with a pretty vanilla install. Now it won't get past the end of the boot screen. This is a warning to anyone who is thinking about doing the upgrade. I would wait until there is more news.

Any information about this new upgrade would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Dan's the only one I've talked to who has had this problem so it's probably an isolated incident. Sorry about the false alarm. Wanted to get word out just in case. It seems like it is safe to do the upgrade although I'm going to wait until I get home today.

UPDATE 2: Markoff calls this "Gillmor luck".


i upgraded- rebooted, no problems.

Yeah, I've heard of other reports of people upgrading with no problem. Lets see if anyone else as problems. I'm still going to way another day or so.

This is possibly an isolated incident but this is a good lesson for us all. As a general rule of thumb, if you care about your Mac/PC it is best not to install a new version of an app/BIOS until it has been out in production for a while. At the very least try to wait a week or two to gauge the average user experience.

I know it's difficult as most of us crave any new version of anything but if you value your data it's best not to subject it to guinea pigism =). Just an opinion...

Upgraded without problems. On two macs.

Upgraded with no problems on a fairly vanilla Tiger powerbook.

I read something about the Divx 5 codec killing QT 7.01, but it supposedly just disabled all QT operation, and shouldn't kill the whole OS.

Reinstalled the OS, and am back to something like normal. Not fun.

Is it just me or is QT becoming Mac's Internet Explorer?

I find that wherever I can, I suppress Quicktime.

Major annoyances:
The free version I use used to pop up and ask me to buy the pro version until I set my Mac's date 20 years into the future, opened QT, said "no" to the upgrade and then set my date back. Still I have to do that on every Mac I use.

No full-screen playback in the free version? Come on. Every other player does this. I already spent $2000 on the machine and $140 on the OS - why do I have to pay another $30 for this particular piece of shit?

It took over the association for ".smil" files that NPR uses to open RealPlayer. That wouldn't be so bad, except that QT can't actually *play* these files, instead telling you that they're corrupt.

I was really hoping that the QT/Finder thing where it would try to preview movie files could be disabled in Tiger. It doesn't seem to be the case. Even if you say that ".avi" is to open with VLC or MPlayer, QT tries to preview them, freezes the finder for 20 seconds while it tries to find a codec that will never ever be on Mac's servers, then pops up an error that you already knew about.

Yes, I know that QT is an unseen element in a lot of functions of the programs and the interface and I have no problem with that - it's just that were you *do* see it, it's obnoxious and seemingly-less useful than the free alternatives.

Upgraded to Quicktime 7.0.1 on my powerbook without problems.

Dan seems to be severely unlucky with his hardware.

I've upgraded. Rebooted. No problems.

I upgraded without any problem on my G3. I'm pretty sure that if there is no problem here, the upgrade is pretty safe...

Installed on my PowerBook. No problem whatsoever here as well.

Jim O'Connell wrote @8:
Major annoyances:
[..]No full-screen playback in the free version? Come on.
Fortunately, there are workarounds, because the free QuickTime has actually all the built-in functionality of the "Pro" version, just hidden :-)
Create the following AppleScript, and voilà, full-screen playback even with the free version...

on open fileName
 tell application "QuickTime Player"
  open fileName
  present movie 1 scale screen
 end tell
end open

Installed on Powerbook with no problem.

Installed on a Powerbook titanium, after rebooting the system is slow and takes about 3 mintues to get past the boot screen.

According to Apple,

Important Notice to QuickTime Pro Users - Installation of QuickTime 7 will disable the QuickTime Pro functionality in prior versions of QuickTime, such as QuickTime 5 or QuickTime 6. If you proceed with this installation, you must purchase a new QuickTime 7 Pro key to regain QuickTime Pro functionality. After installation, visit to purchase a QuickTime 7 Pro key.

I am guessing the patch is supposed to fix a hack that I discovered that allows you to keep using Quicktime 6 Pro and Quicktime 7 (free version) in Tiger while keeping the Quicktime 6 Pro functionality.

Dan's not the only one. I've been living in kernel panic hell since I applied the Quicktime update and the latest security patch to 10.4.1. I never had been completely trouble free before. I even got kernel panics rolling back the OS to 10.4.0.

Installed QT Pro 7 and my firewire connections stopped working. Had to remove OS and start again. Not happy rabbit.

Stephen UK

tried to install Quicktime 7 for Windows 2000/XP with iTunes 5 (i'm using win2000) and like Dan Gillmore it won't get past the end of the boot screen. Allez, another reinstall, grrrrr.

> No full-screen playback in the free version? Come on. Every other player
> does this. I already spent $2000 on the machine and $140 on the OS - why
> do I have to pay another $30 for this particular piece of shit?

Because the codecs have to be licensed by each content creator. When you buy QuickTime Pro you explicitly sign up for a license to make content with the included codecs. For many people this is not important, for others it is very convenient and an excellent value.

There is also something called "QuickTime MPEG-2" which is an MPEG-2 playback component for QuickTime that costs $20 because there is a fee for the playback version of that codec.

I upgraded to Pro and am now getting a codec error for any other media player / plug-in that's not QuickTime. Also crashes my Rise of Nations game.

If you don't need QT Pro, STAY AWAY.

Hoping to not have to reload OS

This just happened to me on Windows 2000: I upgraded to Quicktime 7 and now Windows won't boot. Aargh!

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