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GOATSE t-shirt in the NYT


Anil Dash wore a subtle and arcane GOATSE t-shirt for a recent New York Times photoshoot, and they ran a pic of him wearing it. GOATSE is an Internet legend -- a repulsive photo that used to live at that Internet pranksters went to great lengths to trick others into seeing.

SFW Wikipedia entry on Goatse, NYT Link

This is excellent... Wait, does this guy work for Six Apart?


A repulsive photo of what?

Indeed what pranks did he play?

You've never heard of Goatse? You must be new to the Internet.

A repulsive photo of a male bent over, stretching the 'hole' of his anus to the extent that one would think impossible (or indeed, normal).

The pranks involve being "Goatse'd" - the act of being fooled into clicking a link which loads up the Goatse image. It's a popular trick played on newbies; creating a link to a normal website (using Javascript to make the URL appear normal in the browser address bar) but in fact directing the unwitting user to the Goatse page.

I have no idea why I bothered to respond to you guys ... it's all in the Wikipedia link Joi's provided.

3- James McCann

I'm relatively new to the Internet - a couple of years - thankfully I've never been 'Goatse'd'.

Nothing like a good hpHOSTS file countermeasure to keep that disgusting stuff off of my computer.

:) Couple of years in Internet time = veteran.

Alas, the beauty (!) of being Goatse'd is that there are several clever ways to do it (Anil above demonstrates one such way brilliantly) including uploading the renamed file to widely used, innocent looking domains.

Ah, the joys of Goatse. Well done Anil, I never thought I'd see the NYT being Goatse'd.

5- James McCann

I thought 5 or more years would eguate to being a veteran.

Hey, whado I know? I'm still new. ;o)

5 years on the net definitely makes you a newb. For that matter, so does ten years. I have been using the net since just before the first web browsers (since 1992ish) and most people would still consider me a newb as well.

Also of note: the Goatse guy wore a wedding ring.

Giordano: The goatse man is married and straight. Here is a link to an interview with him from a few years ago. Warning: disable pictures from being displayed in your browser before you load this article. NSFW obviously.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Alex, but the gentleman in that interview is actually *not* the Goatse guy, just someone with similar... hobbies.

My adopted son's name is Joi. Can you give me the meaning of his name? Thanks

12- anna

I don't know what the 'Jo' part means, but the 'ichi' part translates to, one or first.

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