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I just created a torrent for Tex Live. Tex Live is a ready-to-run TeX system for Unix. I just set up the torrent for the TeX Users Group, but I'm currently seeding it on my laptop so I would love a few other people to get the file from me and seed it so there are a few more seeds. It's a 580M file. Thanks!


More details on the tracker.

UPDATE: Doh. The reason I'm helping out the TeX guys is because I think it's a cool project. If you're geeky and into typesetting, you should check out the project.

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Nice section for Technorati Tags section :)

I'm writing my dissertation right now - thank god for TeX (well, Knuth).

This rocks! I've always wanted to dive into TeX, but there was always some hurdles. A live CD (like knoppix, seems like the perfect solution.

hehe lovely :P

TeX is part of my memories ;) I was writing my astrophysical articles with it.

If you read this article and do not have any experience with TeX or LaTeX but you want to try it, it's a good idea to contact your local TeX user group. The NTG has pusblished a list of TeX user groups worldwide.

Hi, for those who wants a TeX system that really runs live off a CD rather than a DVD, try MikTeX Live.

More about MixTeX here:

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For all of you who are facinated by LaTeX as I am, this is good news. The down side, he is seeding the CD file, not the DVD one.... Read More

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