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the spread(of)CC

As of Thursday, the current spread of Creative Commons. The green are countries where the project has launched. The yellow are close. The red is yet to be liberated.

A lot of progress, but a lot left to do...


That's impressive!

What an unfortunate choice of colors. It not only looks like the opposite of what it represents (bright colors generally indicate activity), but it's the communist color scheme.

The Swiss are missing!

I volunteer to help.

The Swiss will be starting the one month discussion of the (German) translation on June 15, so you're volunteering at the right time. :)

I agree with Scott's complaint about the bright colors, but must note that the red countries are the ones without CC organizations.

And on my screen what should be "green" looks "gray"...

a lot left to do...

I long for the day that Greenland get the Creative Commons. Then my life can be complete. I'm so tired with the Greenland Federal Agents raiding my house every time I try to bit torrent Helga Auusostika shows from my local Greenlandish pub.

Portugal hasn't been.. hmm interesting.
anyways hopefully CC would work well in korea especially with those 'scrapping' trend going on.