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Sorry about the light blogging around here. I had to take a short-notice trip to the US and was away for awhile... but another major distraction has been World of Warcraft. Although I love video games, I had banned them from my life because I decided I didn't have time for them. However, I decided I needed to try one of the new multi-user games myself for *cough* research.

Anyway, I'm playing now if anyone wants to hook up. I'm on the North American World of Warcraft in the Khadgar realm. I'm a Gnome/Mage and my name is Vfd.

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If you're looking for a multiplayer game, try your hand at Battlefield 2. Less time consuming and more instantly gratifying than an MMO.

LOL. Too bad I folded my WoW 'horns' awhile back. BTW, cows are fun to play too although it's tough to beat gnome orgy (infrequently featured in front of the auction house at Ironforge). The best moments I had were walking untravelled roads in the high level enemy territories while at very low level. Amazing scenery and being only one wack away from the nearest grave as adrenarine topping. Raids weren't so hot though. I never liked PKI and the idea of raiding lowbie towns just disgusted me.

Have fun. When I wasn't travelling, I used to just sit around XR (Crossroad) and watch the sunset. Now that's a good execution.

I forgot to add that my char name was...Wowcow. Heehee.

Have you ever considered **visiting** a "Real" on-line community ?

What if you found an on-line community that was a democracy, unlike ICANN ?

What if you found an on-line community that FAIRLY distributes Internet resources, like IP address blocks ?

What if you found an on-line community that has software that automatically "creates" a new TLD once interest is shown via a simple staging area ?

What if you found the community was FREE (as in $$$), unlike ICANN ?

Are you aware that the first Chairman of ICANN, Esther
Dyson prided herself at the time that she did NOT have
a PC at home ?
Are you aware that she was unable to connect and navigate in a massively multi-user on-line community ? and once helped along, decided meat-space was more important.

I stay away from MMPORGs as I know I'd get completely hooked and that would be that. I tried the first Ultima Online and watched myself getting sucked in and wasting hours fishing and building crossbows. I managed to kick it, now I stick to less demanding games. :)

I am on Dragonblight :-) Give me a yeller if you need help or come over to the server.

I'd recommend Second Life if you're seriously looking to research the future of MMORPG. Although you could argue that it's not actually a RPG it's more where things are heading, IMO.

I used to play RO (Ragnarok Online) a long long time ago. Now (like you said) I've decided that I didn't have time for games (especially online games). But if I do have more time, I would probably try some of the latest MMORPG myself. So what do you think about WoW? Worth trying?

If you're into testing out games, I'd recommend trying Enemy Territory, which is available for Linux, Macintosh and Windows. It's based around World War 2 and great for letting off steam and it has a great community.

I've been playing WoW since launch and have been enjoying it quite a bit. My guild is on the Silver Hand server so I doubt I'll run into you.

Personally, I find the in game economy interesting. With the Auction House and the fact that certain items and materials can only be made by other players, a robust player economy exists.

Compared to the real life cash focus in the over-promoted Second Life, the focus in WoW remains on the game world and creating wealth to provide a better in-game experience.

excellent! i haven't had time to play in a couple of months, and i miss it.

Nice wikipedia character reference :)

Alex: Thanks. I'm glad someone got the joke. It was to commemorate the VfD on my article right now.

Morten: Ha! Watching that video was one of the things made me think I should give it a try.

ROFL. That Leeroy is hillarious. As for me, I never ran into guys like that although crazy teens did upset me a few times. The interesting thing is that I keep telling my son that what he sees in video games are not real but, in MMORPG, I got upset because kids treated fellow players like NPCs.

I have to agree with Joost here. I do enjoy a good RPG and MMO as much as the next guy but I can no longer put in the hours required to accomplish anything in such games.

Battlefield 2 is a great substitute for this. It is a very team oriented game that allows you to jump into the action and then leave whenever you've had your fill or need to get something done in RL. It will even track your stats on EA servers (only if you are playing on official EA servers mind you...sigh) for those needing some sense of an RPG =). This is not your mindless quake type game (Before you get your axes out and sharpened: I've been a huge fps fan since the original castle wolfy so I am not knocking quake). This is a very intricate yet at the same time arcadey military game that is just fantastic. That said, it can quickly devolve into a horrible time if the server is full of griefers and no admins like any online game.

If you were a fan of the mod Desert Combat for BF1942 you will most likely enjoy BF2. It also incorporates VOIP to allow for communication between squadmates which can really raise the level of cooperation.

I am currently running a 64 player demo BF2 server here in Tokyo (TOKYOCOMBAT). Will be converting over to the retail version this weekend. Feel free to drop on by.

Btw, if Joi (or anyone else living in the Tokyo-area) is interested in picking this game up, the US version will be available in Akihabara at Asobit City this upcoming weekend (06/25-26). The Japanese version will be available in PC game shops come 07/07 I believe. Great looking game so far if you have the hardware to push those pixels!

I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out that Joi's character name violates the World of Warcraft naming policy. Don't be surprised to login and receive an new name one of these days Joi. Blizzard seems to run sweeps through their names database every once in a while.

August 11 - 14, 2005. The 2005 AW Reunion will be held Thursday through Sunday at the Park Lodge Hotel Group in Waltham, Massachusetts.

This is a very special reunion for two reasons. First, it is Active World's 10th Anniversary and second, Boston is home for Active Worlds. Celebrate 10 years of Active Worlds and meet your AW friends in person! Visit the office of Active World Inc. and meet the AW staff! See historic Boston! If you have ever wanted to go to an Active World's Reunion, this is the one!

If you ever happened to visit the European WoW release on Azjol-Nerub, you might even intercept a human warlock named Dandruff (thought the name was descriptive enough) or an elf rogue named Ciulòiro (sorry, that's an excellent name for an elf who happens to be a rogue *and* the only male in the Sugarbabes guild, but it's in Piemonteis). In that case, feel free to say hello! (Perhaps ICANN should consider requiring WoW installations on PCs in the Internet room at its meeting... Mar del Plata made me lose levels in respect to all my friends.)

"Perhaps ICANN should consider requiring WoW installations on PCs in the Internet room at its meeting..."

You clearly do not understand how ICANN does business.
Face-to-face and secret meetings are the only things that
work. Having an ICANN meeting on-line would allow anyone
to participate. ICANN is very happy with the closed little
Internet Society that provides it funding and continues
to help it tell the world "The Big Lie".

Nah, just stick to WoW. It's an awesome game. 2 million subscribers can't be wrong. It takes up most of your time anyways so I doubt trying other games is a good idea.

Josh: eek. Well, I guess they'll just send me a new name right?

Right, you'll login one day and have been assigned a new name, and then you'll have the option to change it to something new of your own choosing. Just something to keep in mind if you starting getting a large friends list.

Now I'm going to have to create a new character over on that server. I'm Parfait over on Feathermoon (finally made level 60)

Seems that European users can't log onto the American servers? Anyone know how I can get on the American servers?

I got off my lazy ass and checked with Blizzards tech support and this is what they have to say "we are unable to offer cross-regional services at this time. However, for those players who still wish to play on servers outside of their region, we will look into providing a specific solution that addresses their concerns sometime after all of our local launches have stabilized"

No luck.

So you are successfully playing WoW from Japan on US servers? I live in Tokyo and was thinking about trying this but information online is unclear on if this works. Some retailers will not ship the US WoW to Japan so I'm wondering if they put in some barriers. From your post, it seems like maybe it will just work if I have a friend ship it to me (or pick it up on my next trip to the states).

Been ages since I played any similar games so I'm curious to see the latest craze

Well, well, well sounds like another successful asian player. CONGRATS MANG U THE MANG! Im in realm sargeras if u wanna have the Masta as a friend. Im a Dwarf Paladin and my name is Smallaxe. CYA MANG ;)

Congrats and enjoy WOW! Yes, it is a mighty fine game - probably one that will be used as a benchmark in MMOG. As for all the comments about "REAL" on-line community and what is real gaming blah, blah, blah .... They really don't know what they are talking about ;-)


I'm not sure if anyone already learned of this, or even if anyone is still tracking this topic. But to login to another server you must change the realmlist file. Go into your WoW folder and find realmlist, then put in:

set realmlist

To play on the US servers. Now... this will make it so you can play on the US servers(you can also use this to put in the address of a free private server and play there), but that doesn't necessarily mean you can play on it. I don't know how their account system is setup. I suppose you have ot register an account from the US homepage?

Hey, I have never played WoW and would really like to. but thing is I dont want to pay $15.00 a month. Does anyone know the online free anonymous proxy servers for WoW? please don't just repost here. If you could E-mail me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, see you online. Jordan.

Just go to google and type in "WoW Free Servers" and youll get a top 100 or 200 list. Pick one there ya go.

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