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We just launched the Technorati Live 8 site.

Technorati has teamed up with Live 8 to bring you the latest conversations about the campaign to Make Poverty History. Read first hand accounts of the concerts and events, and get all the news and opinion from the blogosphere.

We've also put together some resources to help you find your way around Live 8 and the blog world:

What is Live 8? Which organisations are behind Live 8?

Are you new to blogging? Find out what it's all about.

Get a Live 8 badge for your blog.

Join in the conversation and find out how to make your posts show up on Technorati.

Do more than just blog - contact the G8 leaders.

The posts listed on the Technorati Live 8 site have been written by bloggers worldwide and appear in real time from Technorati's index of 1.1 million blogs. Find out more about Technorati.

Joe Trippi called us about two weeks ago with this idea. Thanks to a guest appearance of Suw Charman as the producer of the site and extra hard work by the Technorati team, we were able to get this site out in time.

This is such a good opportunity for nations like the United States and Japan to helped their damaged images and also show their solidarity to a cause that they shouldn't have to think twice about. I'm amazed at how poor the response of some of the developed nations has been to this call. Hopefully this concert and the voice of the blogs will help get their attention.

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Who was doing all the work on this site if you were busy 'researching' Warcraft?

Clearly not me. ;-)

We're about to get something going for the ONE campaign here in Dallas, wish us luck!

Great initiative and behind you all the way. Great stuff.

The assumption on the part of Technorati that Live 8 and the Make Poverty History Campaign are obviously good and noble is astonishing in its naivety. Since when is Technorati in the business of pushing political views?

Live8 is just one part of the bigger campaign, which we called here in the UK MakePovertyHistory.
We have a blog on

Is the attempt to alleviate suffering a "political view"? I think not. It's Buddhist and Christian and humanitarian.

The only thing political about it is that the arrogant governments of rich nations must be influenced to do what they can to help, or at least look like they care.

I have signed onto the Live 8 and ONE and have the Technorati badge on three of my many blogs.

I state in my posts on Live 8 that these poor nation governments are corrupt, genocidal, have squandered past aid money, and their citizens need to rise up to "throw the bums out" where appropriate.

So pumping more money into corrupt regimes is not the answer, yet I do embrace this initiative.

I know a little about how international banks ruin poor countries.

You'd think China would be part of this.
The sheer number of beggars on the ferries
from Korea to China is amazing from what I understand.
Everyone asks for money even in Beijing. I suppose it's the displaced from the rural areas begging...


Disappointing move into espousing feelgood/thinklittle political opinions for Technorati. Quite sad.

Aren't you guys setting it up for "Make Poverty History" as well? I'd like to see more corporations supporting this than Live8.

N'abandonner pas les Africains sauvons les.
Ils ont besoin de vous et de notre soutient moral.
Aidons les uns et les autres.

La grande farsa del Live 8

Secondo i dati in mio possesso, parte del debito estero dei paesi poveri è stato contratto con banche pubbliche internazionali, ed altro con banche private.

Ho sentito molte voci alzarsi per la cancellazione del debito verso gli stati democratici ( in pratica i soldi che sono dovuti a cittadini comuni come me).

Non ho sentito nessuno però protestare per esempio per la cancellazione del debito verso le banche private cattoliche, o quelle inglesi o americane.

Orca miseria, se proviamo bene a guardare bene chi nuove i fili delle organizzazioni che chiedono la cancellazione...

Gatta ci cova. Sicuramente è facile alzare la voce contro i buoni facendoli apparire per cattivi. Meno facile cantare contro se stessi.

Vi immaginate per esempio in Italia un concerto organizzato dal papa contro se stesso e la politica internazionale della banche private cattoliche?

Domenico Schietti
2010 Eliminazione Povertà

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