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The other day, I met with the guys doing Tokyo Art Beat. Tokyo Art Beat is probably the most comprehensive art event site for Tokyo in both English and Japanese. Interestingly, even though they are both French, the site is not yet available in French. Anyway, I know at least a dozen people who have pinged me that they are going to be in Tokyo over the next few weeks so I would recommend this site to find cool things to do when you are in town.


hi joi please share my blog and please put a link on your page...let me know and i can link to yours also.sinc rjkiss

That's an outstanding site. Since artistic communities in my experience often lack a "central" point of community (seeing as artists are often individualistic and that doesn't make for easy community building). Nice to see a site that aggregates all the tiny art communities in a city.

Hi Joi,

At SuperNova 2005 last week in San Francisco, a number of people suggested I reach out to you. Could we touch base?

John Maloney
IM/Skype: jheuristic

Meanwhile, this is a great destination site. It is in Japanese and English.

The Web community 'World Event Village' has impressed me. It is a global village community and broadband media that allows you "to experience the world."

Link --

Worldwide music, arts, dance, community, fairs, commons and festivals are featured.


Good headphones and/or speakers are essential.


The high-fidelity music and video content is amazing, really incredible. (Note: there is a modest monthly subscription fee.)

Note: the WEV community sponsors 'Field Producers' too. I don't know the specific terms for content, but have heard they will loan equipment and provide support.

For budding and experienced videographers, journalists and photographers worldwide, WEV is a great venue.

Thanks for the heads up. Site has a flickr colour scheme and looks like it was written in Ruby. was it?

philipkd: no, no Ruby, and I am curious to know what made you think so. The color scheme similarity with flickr (and quite a few other sites, in fact) is a coincidence. Cheers.

To me, TAB appears just like a database combined with a slick shell. All the necessary functions are there, such as user-management and various listing-capabilities (by-price, by-region, by-venue, etc.), without too much added complexity. These functions are also pulled off with a consistent design and without bugs. So I imagine it was built quickly using solid existing packages. A very ruby-on-rails job.

TAB also has all the proper roll-overs and CSS margins of a savvy web designer, someone familiar with flickr and rails.

BTW, I used TAB two weeks ago -- very useful. Saw three exhibits in Ginza: the ADC one, Guy Jasper's, and Shintaro's (my fav). I mentioned TAB to the lady co-owner of the venue for Guy Jasper.

they wrote really cool articles. I wonder if they will keep the job.