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As Wendy says... Grokster...

EFF: MGM v. Grokster

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First effects of Grokster says:

'Heres the first change that Ive seen due to the Grokster decision.
Bonpoo is a service that lets you send large files to other people.
It used to be general-purpose; you could send anything to your friends.
Now, post-Grokster, they only let you send photos:

At bonpoo we are constantly testing file transfers services that help people send legal
files across the Internet. Given the recent Supreme Court decision we have suspended our
free file transfer services except for photos. We apologize for any incovience.
Please check out our professional product HeavyMail for an alternative to our prior service.'

By the way, Bonpoo's website is and HeavyMail's website is

Lily, that sounds as if it's exactly what the RIAA wants to happen. They don't seem to believe in a right to forward progress, and sadly, these outcomes will probably reduce their sales even further.

Pencils and paper will outlawed next. I predict a rise the purchase of erasers to help the dastardly copyright infringers cover their tracks :sarcasm

Another impact of this "progress" is that it's starving the most creative and innovative producers of multimedia content, because those who would most likely buy our stuff are also best able to steal it.

Meanwhile, the same public that complains about the "big, evil record companies and publishers" are the ones who make them rich by purchasing their products. Why do you purchase their products? Because you don't respect the work of independents who buck the system, claiming wer're not good enough to get published or a record contract.

Instead of an internet full of vibrant content, the public insists on preserving the status quo even moreso by discounting the fact that the internet lets everyone express themselves, without having to be pre-approved by the media machines.

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