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Full transcript of press conference where the press batter McClellan about the Rove/Plame link. 41 questions about one issue in 35 minutes.

via Lessig


41 questions about one issue in 35 minutes.

Wow. Maybe the press can recognize a story when it screams and shouts in their face. It's likely that some other diversionary story will get the pasty faced traitor of the hook, though. Another hurricane or celebrity mishap?

If George has even a glimmer of character somewhere deep inside him, he'll sacrifice this extraordinary villain for the good of the country and for the integrity of his office.

But George is a proven liar who is loyal to cronies, not principle. OTOH, if a miracle happens, perhaps Karl will be the first of many madmen to shamed out of office. Whatever happens, history will probably not be kind to Rove.

I'll break the Jew monopoly media, Hymiewood entertainment combine's "Don't ask don't tell rule," and remind everyone that Rove's a flaming homosexual.

The Jew monopoly media, Hymiewood entertainment combine appears to be missing this crucial point in every Jewspaper article, Jew tube report/interview, and radio broadcast.

Now is hardly the time to point out Rove's only endearing personality trait.

I am still waiting for the "uniter" part