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Harry WHO?

I'm not a violent person, but I do believe I could happily escort that individual from the premises.

But really, are we missing that much? All the HP books follow the same formulaic plot, and this one reads particularly tepid.
HP&tHBP reads like a second grade bed book.

I'm not a violent person, but I could happily escort all you Potterheads from the premises...

Potter IS second grade bed-time material.

I downloaded the online version last night and started reading it.

My Amazon copy arrived today.

Am I a pirate?

This one came as no surprise. What was surprising was the boingboing (read Cory Doctrow) attitude on it. His post seemed to me to be an arrogant "I told you so" sort of pose. The thing is, just because he chooses to make his work "free" doesnt mean anyone else has to. I guess I'm overly suspicious of him. He seems to lead a globetrotting lifestyle, gives his work away for free, etc, but where does the money come from? Is he independantly wealthy? Surely the royalties on his few published works are not enough to fund such a lifestyle. BTW, props to you Joi for allowing comments, boingboing is far too 1337 to allow us peasants to speak up.

As far as the HP book goes, of course its kids stuff, what else? I'm having fun reading it so far...

5- Anonymous Pirate

No, not a pirate, but you do qualify as a sucker. The persuasive influence (mind control) of the international Jew monopoly media Hymiewood entertainment combine's omnipresent hype and marketing compelled you to buy the insipid book.

How do you know it's inspid unless you red it yourself?

As for the guy in the video -- I turned the sound off, as I've so far managed to avoid having the ending spoiled, in case I decide to read it when my 12-year-old finishes. But assuming the guy really did yell out who dies at the end, then he's a total jerk. No one has the right to ruin someone else's fun like that, and clearly this person his petty and mean.

Pectral: You're acting like an ass. So far, you've been tolerated in the spirit of freedom of speech and expression and whatnot, by giving you the benefit of doubt that you're actually honestly trying to put forth a POV (even if nobody really cares much for it).

But now you're making no pretense of the fact that you're just here to piss people off - for whatever reasons you may have. No political point to make, no nothing. You're just being an ass.

Frankly, Joi, I don't know why you put up with him anymore.

> Update 2: It's done, the complete e-book has been fully scanned + proofread, in about 12 hours after the hardcover book had hit the stores.

Even less in 12 hours only. I don't condone the piracy nor do I like the smug attitude of people saying "I told you so" regarding her decision not to release a eBook edition. Personally reading it in print is much better than online, especially for such a tome.

I have posted my Half Blood Prince review (without spoilers). Frankly I didn't like the book at all. It pales in comparison with the rest of the series.

Hey Joi. I respect your reluctance to censor anything. But Pectral really is abusing the privileges you've graciously given us. It is almost as if he's pulled down your pants in a public square and your only response is to stand there stoically with your trousers around your ankles. A couple of years ago, I criticized Dean Kamen on this blog. You got upset and said so here. However, when someone else smears an entire ethnicity with clear racist overtones, (whether he actually believes in them or not) suddenly you decide to stand on principle. I thank you so much for putting up with my crazy (yet well informed) comments, in any case. Best of luck to you in the future.