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One hour left of my Connexion service. I was using my PHS and Narita Airport wifi before I boarded the flight and they were both slower than this connexion service aboard this flight. I have a feeling Frankfurt airport will be about the same, but it will be more expensive. (I only paid $30 for 12 hours of access on this flight.) I'm on my way to Menorca for a friend's wedding, where the last time I was there, even GSM was spotty. Anyway, gprs roaming, as I found out awhile ago, is ridiculously expensive. Connectivity, at least for this trip, will be better in the air than on the ground... It's a very strange feeling to think, "I can't wait for my flight where my connectivity will be good and cheap." ;-)

UPDATE: Here is a list of airlines and flights that offer the service. Quite impressive.


Wow, Joi this is quite impressive. Did you do all of this on your Powerbook? Could you give some more info on the set up? Ciao Guido

Lufthansa plans to equip all of his long haul fleet (around 80 planes) with FlyNet. But it won't happen until next winter as the planes need to be in service round the clock during the summer months.

So whenever you fly Lufthansa, you'll be wireless. Sounds like an impressive USP for a certain clientele.

That is very impressive. I hope ANA gets this on a flight from LAX to tokyo this summer. I would love to give it a try. I was quite impressed with the quality of your skype recording.

How much do you think the availability of this service will factor in when you're picking an airline?

Is this available for every seat on the plane, too?

It works from all of the seats, but only business class and economy class have electrical power.