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I just completed my first successful Skypecast from an airplane. I used Audio Hijack Pro, Skype and the Boeing Connexion service on Lufthansa flight 711. Special thanks to Jeremy Wagstaff for being the guinea pig for this experiment.

Joi-JeremyLH711.mp3 (1.7MB)


Audio Hijack Pro

I hope you did not mention this applications name outloud during the podcast!

WebPod Studio supports Skype, which means one application does the recording, converting, injection into rss, and publish. Best of all it works in a plane as well ;)

If I'd have known, I would have given you an account and you'd be like us yesterday on that Boeing Connexion One test flight hosted by Boeing. Well, podcasting *and* videoblogging anyway. ;-)

My apologies to people who linked to this, but I decided to change the title to Skypecast from the sky and may have broken your links...

Sounds cool :).
But, the delay of the net. Is it normal or is it greater than on normal lines?

Maybe you ask the pilot to speed up to reduce the delay ;).

There is a bit of a delay, but this time it was barely noticable.

Sitting here in England and clicking one key to read your blog from Japan and another click seconds later to hear you in the sky above Korea having a conversation with someone on the ground in Hong Kong while you were travelling at 500 (or whatever) mph is pretty amazing. Historic and entertaining. Thanks.

It should be called, of course, not a "Skypecast from the sky," but a "skycast".

Next time you should try having someone Skype you while you are on skype... now this would be a nice breakthrough, since the sat phone is ONE-way.

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