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I am on the island of Menorca attending a friend's wedding. Right now, all I can seem to connect to is expensive gprs. My apologies if my blogging is a bit light and email responses slow and terse. I'll have real connectivity again on Monday on my flight back to Japan. ;-)

Until then, I'll try to moblog some pictures.


Joi, that's just what you need. A vacation on a beautiful island. No email or internet access. Lots of beaches, great seafood.

Forget the blog and enjoy yourself!

oh yes, enjoy the spanish sun in Menorca!

call it your connection vacation, relax, have fun.

I can relate to that. Some guy from the DSL provider managed to kill the router, so now all I have is GPRS as well.

It sucks, but in a good way. ;-)

Thanks! I´m on a coin-op kiosk now... last day, but had a very good time.

Dan Gilmor has a thread running wondering how good the bandwidth is on Connexion, and I pointed him to your Skype/Pod cast posting.

Maybe you can answer some of these question on your return journey ;)

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