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A blog is created every second, according to the BBC which cites Dave Sifry / Technorati.


So when do you think this will reach critical mass?

I think LiveDoor create more than one new "EroBlog" per second.

Great. Unfortunately, most of them don't inspire much conversation. At best, they're painfully amateur personal diaries which must be interesting to the people publishing them but not to those interested enough to leave a comment that might stimulate a little debate. I think it's the quality of your posts which attracts interesting conversation, sure, but you have to put some effort into marketing your site which a majority of blogs, beyond telling their friends and listing with technorati et al, do not even try to do. And so we have millions of personal blogs which gives people an outlet and is a good thing, but let's be honest - most of them are very boring.

What I really like about blogs is that someone with only a basic technical savvy can come out of nowhere and build content lots of people want to read and contribute to, achieving in the process an amazing number of hits.

The opportunity to get attention for whatever it is you are pitching is limited only by your imagination and by how hard you are willing to work to achieve it.

You are probably right. But what's the use of littering the web with blogs that describe nothing useful.

My blogs describe something useful. I'm trying to end the piracy, end the hacking, bring a new era to surfing the net.

I need the financial support of RIAA. But then they would rather spend money paying the attorneys for lobbying the congress to enact ant-piracy laws or for suing the pirates in the courts

There is probabably a blog per second. But most blogs have nothing to offer. At least nothing of value. My blogs have something to offer. I've a passion. It is to end the hacking, piracy and the era of personal Computers.

RIAA could help end the piracy by funding the development of the server based browser so that it would not have the role of sending the files to the clients. It is this role of the servers that gives the power of hacking to the owners of clients. Also after this browser is developed there would be no need for laptops

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