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Plazes has a cool new feature called "Where is". So you can see "Where is Joi Ito?". It relies on Google maps which is a bit sketchy with addresses for Japan, but otherwise it seems to work quite well. On the other hand, it doesn't show the routing as well as the old map using IndyJunior.



if you know your geolocation, you can change it manually on your plaze´s page: by clicking "adjust" next to the lat/lon data. we´re working on a point´n´click solution using google maps right now.


What Felix said. I adjusted my geolocation, and this is the result, which is quite accurate.

I liked the Indy juinor better as well. I see from another post you will be in teh bay area this whole month.Would love to pick your brain for an hour or two over coffe if your interested.

Hokkaido is truely amazing and awesome place to live, I think.

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