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I just finished an iChat AV video test with CNN in Washington DC. I will probably make a short appearance on CNN Domestic (US) sometime between 5:30PM and 6:00PM ET via iChat AV. It is pretty nifty that CNN is starting to do interviews by iChat. This surely expands the selection of people they can interview and makes it easier for the interviewees as well.


Do you know if this is a regular occurance on CNN now? It would be interesting to compare picture quality between this and more traditional broadcast studios.

I work at a Universty often called upon to profer up experts to discuss a range of topics. We have a broadcast studio, but maybe we should give our star performers desktop studios and let them do interviews from their offices!

Will CNN permit you to record the Ichat A/V and post as a Vblog ?

What are you going to be talking about?

Watching it live right now. Same stuff as the NYT article.

CNN is talking about webcams as if they are new, I feel Like I live in a time warp these days.

my wife, athena, just called me and said, that joi ito is on TV!

My 6 year old said that she sees your sushi knives on my computer.

The voice quality was great, too bad they cut the interview short.