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The borg-like look that I have is the look of someone trying to hit command-shift-4
without moving my head or shaking the camera.
I just finished my short appearance on the "Situation Room", a new show on CNN hosted by Wolf Blitzer. I think today was the inaugural show.

The Situation Room, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, assembles top CNN correspondents, analysts, contributors and guests for complete, up-to-the minute coverage of the day's events. Modeled on the concept of the White House Situation Room, the program combines traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources, making the entire process of newsgathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers' fingertips. The Situation Room airs weekdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (ET)

My interviewers were Abbi Tatton and Jacki Schechner.

Abbi initially contacted me for the interview because she had read the New York Times op ed. Interestingly, she found it via Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine, not in the paper. I answered two questions. The first question was about perception in Japan about the anniversary of the bombing. I pointed out that the Japanese news media were less obsessed about the anniversary ceremony than the Western media. The Japanese media were more focused on the failed vote in the Diet to pass Koizumi's Postal privatization bill. (Actually, I think Stewart on #joiito first noticed this.)

The segment started with Wolf Blitzer saying in the backchannel, "Make sure you explain what a web chat is because most people won't know what it is... We don't want people to think we're cheap." Well, it IS cheap. It's free. ;-) But what really is important about this is by using cheap Internet technology, they will be able to reach people all over the world on very short notice. I think that there are a lot of interesting possibilities and I hope they experiment with the format and break some new ground for CNN. Good luck folks and nice chatting with you!


Did anyone catch this? I missed it. Congrats on the appearance. A very big deal, actually!

First I have to say: I believe Bloggers are ready for the mainstream, but the mainstream isn't ready for us, Channels like CNN are wrangling with this like an angler trying to grab a stubborn, slippery fish.

Now that the technology used is finally on the minds of millions of americans and foriegn viewers I think it's time we begin educating them about it. IF we don't show them how it applies to daily life or how could they could they use it. Millions of PC's Collect dust because people buy them a see no use for them beyond occasional surfing. They feel detatched and on a one way communication channel. IF this continues the internet age will truely be a revolution that could have reached many and would have affected only a few.

Instead of merely reading blogs and hilighting bloggers I hope CNN digs in and shows the general public that they too can join in. People need to know that you don't have to be a wizzard or some sort genius to use this technology in your home.

Hopefully instead of tacking on explanations about what they are doing, maybe they could do segments about the technology itself in the future.

lastly, Joi good job, it was a bit rough and little too quick. but for a first time at it it was good enough.

*Brzzzt* Come in Wing Commander... Wing Commander? You have two bogeys off your 9 o'clock... *Brzzt*

Zoink! I'm gonna add "[deleted]" to my Buddy list now!

That is a very borg look. Did it ever cross your mind to tell CNN that "resistance is futile"?

I looked up yesterday and saw it, to my surprise and pleasure. Good job! I hope they make it a regular feature.

That's freakin cool! But you need more light in the studio. I'll also >watch

It's really a shame that they didn't do this when you were on a jet somewhere...

I was home sick that day and CNN was on all day. I figured when they started talking about what they were going to do that it was gonna be iChat AV. I switched to Mac a couple of weeks ago and that feature is awesome.
Congratulations! I was surprised by your excellent English too.

Cheers from an Argentinian in L.A.

That is so awesome that they included you in their segment, do you know by chance if they are going to replay it? I have to work and was not able to catch it! I have a powerbook and I would love to iChat with people who are interested sometime. I need to get an iSight to be able to do iChat AV more easily, as of now I use a JVC camcorder, but anyways, congrats and good job paving the way!



It's nice to see that an operation like CNN is turning to apple and ichat. Yes it is a cheap (free) technology, but as long as the internet connection is stable, Ichat is one of the most stable video chatting programs out there, if not THE most stable.

I guess it still surprises me that CNN would go with a free technology for it's remote video conferencing situations.
Kudos to Apple, their getting a lot of free endorsements by more people and companies using their quality technologies.

In 2003 Dr. Phil used iChat to consult a family that was going through major problems.

Why refer to this work as CHEAP?????

Please consider refering to anything in the free cypher world as 'INEXPENSIVE'

There is nothing Cheap about our efforts to make use of modern tecnology away from the grasp of 'Gates' and his ilk!!!!

Good Luck

I think iChat AV is an incredible tool. Perhaps iChat, iTunes and a future Video iPod can be integrated somehow to enable "Chatcast" video podcast feeds using H.264 or a future compression schema... rather than having to upgrade to OS X Server just for the Quicktime Streaming Server.

I really think that, as fascinating as your experiment with CNN is, it's beckoning toward something even larger... Implementing your experiment over the internet, instead of network television, would be one way of taking television programming toward that holy grail of fully-interactive audiovisual media services.

The internet's already an interactive medium. WebTV illustrated quite clearly that trying to make TV more interactive instead of trying to bring TV to the internet is really a step in the wrong direction--somewhat ignorant to the core competencies of these respective media.

It would tie in pretty well with the explosion in the blogging phenomenon--another step toward decentralization of information resources.

CNN "Situation Room" CREATED BY

Situation Room is classic military style thinking created by generals loyal to Dictator Bush to protect them against news of a revolt by Generals loyal to the U.S. Constitution from getting to the Public.

This is just some of what Wolf Blitzer is covering up.

what "borg-like look" ? You just look absolutely like normal and always.

One small step for t.v. one GIANT leap for t.v. viewers.

That picture in picture would make a good icon for Slashdot weblogging stories... :-)

What rational reason would anybody send or want to have Rudy Juliani in New Orleans. He did nothing in New York after the intial strike of 9-11 and he will not do anything there.
You would be better off sending Ronald McDonald ( at least he would bring something to eat with him).

I have famly living in Pascagoula,MS. My two nephews stayed behind to safeguard their homes in the Moss Point area of Pascagoula. Very little news about Pascagoula on TV or in the press. I am very surprised at Senator Trent Lott to ingore the plight of his people. We grieve for his mother who passed away with the Katrina storm, but I believe your duty Trent Lott is to the living in the aftermath of this storm in Pascagoula. My two nephews missing, Lewis G. Stewart Jr(46) and James Daniel Stewart (45)

David L. Stewart

please tell how we can use ichat for beeper its not bad and i really want it pleas email me how can i use it

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