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I'm off to the US again for a longish trip. Will be going first to Utah to hang out with some friends. After that, I'll be bouncing around the Bay Area until the end of the month. Not sure how the connectivity will be in Utah, but I'll probably be able to moblog. See you on the other side.


I hear that they have the Internet in America now, but I don't know about Utah.

You will no doubt have a great time in America. The bay area is awsome this time of year. I would suggest a trip to Silicone Valley if you can free up the time.

Hey Joi! I also think you should visit Silicone Valley - it's right in Beverly Hills and we can have lunch....

I can for sure confirm that they have internet in Utah as well (at least they had it 1995 ;)). I hope you'll moblog!

Plenty of free wifi in Salt Lake. On of the best was a public library downtown.

However, to tell you the truth, you will be wasting time being online in Utah. So many coool things to see in short driving distance: Arches National Park, Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Canyonlands NP, Yellowstone NP, and many many more.

Just to give you an idea of what is to see out there:
Bryce Canyon

Ok, that was the biggest laugh I had all day! Yes, they do have internet access in Utah. Also, I can attest from living there for several years...this new-fangled indoor plumbing thing is starting to take hold as well.

Hell, Joi will try to get online, if only to blog about the stuff he sees, anywhere he is. Malaga some weeks back for example ..

Check out Xmission ( I've been their customer since early 1993 (even before TBL created the web.) Excellent service and first-rate, FREE, wireless access in downtown Salt Lake. Even though I don't live in Utah; I move to CA and Silicon Valley 7+ years ago, I have maintained my account with Xmission for the great service they provide.

And when you have time, take a look at your Italian friends web sites... Because Italian media freedom is in trouble. I'm reporting something about this matter here: Yours: Luca De Biase