Joi Ito's Web

Joi Ito's conversation with the living web. has done a re-design and has fully integrated with Audioscrobbler. You can tag music now too. Good job guys.

Disclaimer: They are friends and I've been "helping them out" a bit... Not that I should get ANY credit for the great stuff they are doing.


Yeah, nice. Now I have to install one more player to listen to them which means not listening to them because I have a Mac :-( What was the problem about playing the stations in iTunes?

I read in their forum something about bandwidth issues. But I hear you all the way. I'm also somewhat annoyed at having to install another proprietary player (which hasn't even been made available yet). Lots of potential for, but it seems to be unrealized as of yet.

Umh, the basic site itself is good but I really hate the fact that they don't offet .m3u streams anymore. It saved me many times while I've been buried in the cellar of University of Helsinki and now it's much more difficult :X

I have been a very early adopter of but because it is so well integrated did not visit the page that often. Seeing the redesign was like finding a present on your pillow, looks fantastic!

I to am annoyed by the fact that they now require an external player -- there are several reasons why this makes sense for them, but it's not good for their users. This could be a fatal move, especially as they will soon have a competitor, Pandora.

The site is a bit slow tho' :(

pandora doesn't offer the features of that I like most. watches what I listen to and then figures out other artists that I might like. Because I listen to very esoteric stuff, finding more music that I like is difficult. It took three tries before I found an artist that Pandora knew anything about. is cool.