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At FOO Camp they handed people a piece of paper asking three questions. 1) What do you make? 2) What is your favorite tool/toy? 3) Who are your technology heros?

These were posted on a board with people's photos. Everyone had very clever answers. When I was pondering the answers to mine, someone at my breakfast table mentioned that the REAL answer for most people was probably "me" for all three questions.


What were your answers, Joi?

1 - Communities and organizations, 2 - My blog, 3 - The people on the ends.

Although "making" communities is not the right word. It's more that I participating in communities as they make themselves.

so you're a 21st century socialite?

good answers.

You could meet all three questions by coming back to Japan and getting a Diet seat. Now that Livedoor's Horie is running, the election has a Schwarzenegger-esque feeling to it...and you need ot throw your hat in the ring if Japan has any chance of establishing an effective government. Imagine the organizaiton you could build, the people who benefit, and the abundance of links on your blog :)

So is there -- as suggested -- a link between FOO Camp and BAR Camp so you folks can cross-pollinate? I saw these two events on Dan Gillmor's blog and thought it was funnier than heck. Geek that I am. I guess only those of us who have read too much documentation and have a twisted sense of humor will appreciate.

I was asked to run in the election and I thought about seriously, but I decided against it. I don't think my positive influence as a politician would be worth the time it takes and the funky public image issues that it would entail.

>I was asked to run in the election and I thought about seriously, but I decided against it.

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” — Plato


Who asked you to run Joi?

anon: It's a complicated system because they need to save face from being publicly turned down. Basically, the Prime Minister approved a list of people to be contacted for the various open districts where he had "fired" the representative because they voted against him on the postal bill. I was contacted via a trusted intermediary who gave me only a day or so to decide. It was flattering because it was a good district and I was called fairly early. However, since I said "no" so they would probably deny officially that they had contacted me. I'm not sure what the rule is about me going around and talking about it, so I didn't blog it prominently. But I guess I just did. ;-p

"honesty and tough questions" seem to be pretty much missing from this post (cept of course from the open confession on the LDP thing). I cant see the point of caring about Foo and Bar. Am I dumb or is it just that I cant care about what ammounts to a People magazine of the net.glitteratti?

Holding public office is the commitment of a lifetime. If you take any other mindset, then you end up doing your job like Dubya. Well, maybe not that bad.

Some pretty interesting times lately in Japanese politics. Seems like it might be a real opportunity to create change, perhaps even deliver on the Japan Post reforms.

That said, i can appreciate the desire to remain out of the political world. But i hope the upcoming election does provide some new blood. Wonder if Horiemon is up to it...?

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