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SocialText just developed Wikiwyg. A way to edit a wiki by double-clicking on a section and just editing it directly. The code is open source and they are working on getting it working with other wiki systems. Currently it only works in Firefox.

Disclaimer: I'm on the board of the Mozilla Foundation which produces Firefox and I'm on the board of Socialtext.


Ooh... you mean like you can edit photo titles on Flickr?

Sounds neat.

Is neat. I just tried it. Wiki engine developers, you want to implement this asap.

nice. certainly makes editing easier, although still wonder if it's enough for mainstream audience to participate. but it's a step in the right direction.

might be possible to make the the explicit 'save' button more natural? Flickr and BackPack (37signals) seem to do it pretty well too.

overall though i agree with the goals of wykiwyg. web publishing needs to be a lot easier in order to be more inclusive.

Steph, you could do that if flickr adopted wikiwyg (and they could, it's open source).

Or somebody could put together a greasemonkey script (and they could, it's javascript).

- Adina

We'll make it work with IE before releasing it as a feature of Socialtext.

Wow, I didn't expect it to be nearly as snappy as it was. I am very impressed.

I'm surprised they have to develop something of their own, and don't go with established projects like Kupu

which has support for a lot more than just wysiwyg editing..

Wikiwyg started out based on Kevin Roth's cross-browser rich-text editor (RTE).

The full credits page is here:

Adina, you can edit titles and descriptions directly into Flickr already. Works on all compliant browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc).

Oh man, this is so great. We have been using TWiki and the Wysiwyg Plugin, which is an implementation of Kupu. But I think people at my work have been put off with how slow it is to edit things. Ajax makes so much sense in this case.

I really hope someone ports this to Twiki -_-;

Very neat. I just tried it and it works quite well.

There was a discussion of wysiwyg editors for wikis, in particular proposing FCKeditor as the front end, here:

And here's the experimental mediawiki implementation:

The FCKeditor based solution has a lot more features than Wikiwyg, but Wikiwyg seems faster and probably covers 90% of what I want to do anyway. Tables would be nice though.

We'll add back table support. Other than that, we were trying to keep things simple, rather than trying to recreate Microsoft Word and Dreamweaver in a browser. The inspiration is the very basic formatting widgets in an email client.

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