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NFL Widower

Michele loves her football something fierce. Over the years it's gotten worse, growing from watching the occasional Sunday game with Cincinatti (her hometown team) to watching Thursday Night Football to this year with her enrollment into fantasy football in July.

Last year for her birthday I bought her a special quilting table and she had it placed in the living room so she could quilt while watching football.

For the Superbowl this year, we bought an HDTV so the game could be as good as possible. Now we have the NFL Network, the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, and even the DirecTV Superfan package for true football otaku that need to watch EIGHT football games SIMULTANEOUSLY.

This is why I should not be designing media products for the American market. I would never have imagined that something like this.


and they say religion is the dope of the masses... ... ...

here is an interesting difference:

- US English has a range of ways to describe people like this from "serious fan" to the expression "football widow/er". Even the extreme end though is understood to be humourous and not indicitive of a problem with the object of discussion

- Japanese (as far as I can tell) tends to use one word to describe someone with more than a passing interest in sports: "maniac". This word gets used for anyone who shows great interest in almost any topic. Even when it gets used jokingly, it is perjorative.

My guess is that it would be hard to sell a media package like the one described above here for the following reasons:
1) prospective customers might be embarrased to purchase something which would encourage others to brand them as being too interested in any particular subject
2) Even with cable and satelite, there just arent 8 things to watch at one time here.

What I find nice about this story is how the couple seem to be finding ways to make this a family thing as opposed to a source of contention.

Joi, this is not so strange: the same thing happens here in Italy with soccer, you can choose which game to watch and switch to another each moment, or you can watch them all together.
I usually stick with my team, A.S. Roma, though...

Like IvanHawk in the UK & Ireland we have has this for a good few years now on Sky Sports for soccer.