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Decided to play a bit more World of Warcraft this weekend. Wandering around Darkshire, I met the first person so far with a sense of humor. (Also the first person over 30 who I don't know in real life.) His name is Illuminus and he's a 37 year old philosopher/bouncer who likes to play mages. Anyway, we decided to start our own guild. It's called "We Know". If you're on Khadgar and want to join us, sign up on the wiki and look for me on Khadgar. We're still in the process of getting people to sign the charter.


I'd like to think that my friends and I have a sense of humor. Here I am 30 years old and playing WoW, and thinking back at the days I used to play D&D. As I was approaching the Auction House in Ogrimmar when I spotted 2 horde players dancing naked in front of the entrance way. It was so hilarious! Within about 10 minutes there were 20 naked horde players dancing naked in the doorway to the Auction House. I can't believe how much enjoyment I get out of seeing the way the different races dance.

I juts read the article on Cnet news.

I'm a Techie that would be really interested in joining
your guild.

I'm a DBA for a canadian Bank and i love to share my experience with friends.

I'm a die hard WOW player been playong since Beta.

Would love to help you guys out and join in your conversations if it is possible.

Thx Again

AKA Snewfie on Khadgar

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