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I'm at the airport on my way to Hobart, Tasmania to give a talk at the AUC "Evolution of the Species" conference.

My apologies to anyone who cares for not posting very much lately. My travel has been getting continuously more crazy. However, I will be grounded for two week after this trip to renew my passport and hope to get thoughts and other things organized.

Thanks a million to Thomas for picking up the slack on this somewhat neglected blog. I will admit that my (cough) research involving multi-user games online has also been taking up a little time.

Anyway, see you one the other side.


Addict! ;)

Hope it goes well and you get a chance to have some time to catch up afterwards!

ROFL! So that's an interesting question... are gaming and blogging not compatible?

;) There aren't as many gamer blogs as you might imagine. hmm...

Joi, drop me a line when you get back, and look in your old inbox. Not as compelling as online gaming, but...

Beware of the Tasmanian Devil and go get a copy of the movie Young Einstien on DVD when you are there.

2 weeks without a passport / traveling .. blog on the withdrawal symptoms once the two weeks are up ;)

Mmm living in an inner city suburb myself at the base of the mountain in drizzly Lenah Valley, Hobart -- um welcome!

Too bad we missed you Joi, enjoy your stay in our quiet city.

How was that trip to Tasmania?! )))

Beware of the Tasmanian Devil and go get a copy of the movie Young Einstien on DVD when you are there.

This, to me, is symptomatic of a Church which is increasingly losing its way, divided as it is between a core of traditionalist nations and a separate core of increasingly liberal nations. I can see as many deep divisions between these two groups as initially existed to spark off the Reformation, and perhaps only once that process has been endured once more can the Church, or a version of it, return to fulfilling a role of leadership within society. Until its own house is in order, it is difficult for the population at large to pay much heed.

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