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Inspired by Cory's talk at Accelerating Change, I've started Second Life. (Someone described it to me as a home for retired Warcraft players. ;-P) My name there is... Joi Ito. I'm still pretty confused, but if you have a character there, please give me a holler or tell me something interesting to do. Thanks!

Update: Philip just flickr'ed a photo he took when I visited him in Second Life.


Yeah Second Life is definitely way better technology and social experience wise from what I have heard, speaking as a former Ultima Online player. The only problem is they gave it a stupid name so even though it is better people are embarrassed to use it, at least that is the sense I get when I have told my friends about it.

Keep up the good research, Joi!

Oh awesome, it runs on Mac too. Thanks for the link.

How is the advertising & product placement in that game? I heard that there are a few advertisers in there, and I wondered if they caused a crass and imposing presence.

what's annoying is now that they have a mac client... I have a linux box. ahh well maybe can hit it on osx intel whenever that happens.


here's joi:

from here..

Trey: I've never played the game (other than trying it out for an hour), but from what I understand it is the players that advertise for their products and not companies. Whether this is a problem I'm not sure, although I wouldn't describe it as product placement.

OMGZ Joi you're in Second Life now? And you met MAX CASE? That's GREAT! =^_^=

I'm Torley Torgeson in SL... hope t'see you, and you, and you inworld soonesque!

I too have switched to a Linux machine and found that Second Life runs like a 20 year old dog trough tar which is strange as WOW runs just fine.

hm. looks like activeworlds to me, the same idea behind it. create your own virtual world to live in. yawn. i was bored by it then, i guess this one's not better. nevertheless, it may be worth a look. lets see.

Joi! You're a real person? How confusing. ;>

Welcome to SL. Nice meeting you last night.

Alex - You are so right... you kind of grimace when you tell people the name second life. Has all sorts of implications about your lack of a first one. :)

Trey - Real Advertising has not become a problem, though there is plenty of crass and annoying advertising for SL companies.

Blundstone - Usual practice is to try it _first_ then criticize and say how it sucks.

Excellent! How did you get the last name 'Ito'? That's not one of the available choices for normal players. You string puller, you.

It was very nice meeting you today Joi and welcome to Second Life! I hope to see you again when you're not busy or out on the hunt for better threads :D. By the way my friend and I play World of Warcraft too lol.

dav: I begged.

Nice to meet you all in Second Life. I still have wobbly legs and don't have the hang of things yet. Why do you recommend I begin with? Is buying land something that you should start with? Where is a good place? Any room near the MAKE plot?

You have to buy land, otherwise you can't make anything.

dav - not true. I survived quite nicely for a while without land. And you can always build in the sandbox.

joi - any place can be good. problem is, short of buying a sim, it's often difficult to control who your neighbours will be. which can sometimes be frustrating (for people I move next too!). Some people pick land based on likes/dislikes (like Snow sims - apparently not well loved). Other pick it based on over all condition of sim (which can change if bad neighbour moves in). If I see you in world next time and you haven't already got the hang I can show you how to scout for land.

Hey, Joi, nice to see you made it inworld. There are a few more of Jerry's kids kicking around there too. I'm in as Sue Stonebender. Bought a private island to collaborate on a few more projects there too. It's called "Better World". Should have it open and visible from the mainland later this week. IM me next time you're in and I'll add you to the access list.

Cheers ;^)
Sue Braiden.

so, you see, our identities are being transferred to virtualspace one more. And since I do have a linux laptop, I will try once more to implement SL, if only to hobnob with all the important real life characters.

I've been in SL for about a week now. Theres tons to see. Too much really to take in. So like in real life you have to make friends with people of a like mind and socialize. Explore, build, make friends and have fun.

After having tried Second Life on several Mac's 2 of which are dual 2ghz machines with a 256mb graphic card I have now found it runs just sweet on HP Winblows box with a simple 64mb graphic card.

Does anyone know why the Mac version has such poor frame rate?

I second Max on this being everything Active Worlds was and more! AW has been very slow and bad at any real interactivity. A nice lady took me for a ride on her balloon and let me fly the thing as well, fantastic stuff! I will be buying some land as soon as I have bought a Winblows machine to run the software.

Ha Ha Ha as luke yeats playing on teen grid i have to say that this is the most fun game i have played but i founr it out before you! So im me for some scripts and search second star on groups!

Here it is October 22. I see this was your last entry (September 30) I guess you found something to do in SL...hehe

What are you talking about kole? a bit confused sometimes lol

Um, Trey, I'd rather have more crass and annoying advertising in SL, and less crass and annoying people constantly venting their commerce-allergenic memes on us!
Anti-commerce is as boring and annoying as spam.

There are beautiful graphic artists and brilliant ad campaigns in SL that change the notion of "advertising" as you know it from first life. And there are spammy and stupid ads on the events or classifieds calender, but SL has all been micro-managed by the California social engineers who made it to enable you to screen/filter/vet all that sort of allergenic content (one of the significant brakes on a free market and an indication of how it will die or become merely a non-profit Edu Grid.)

But for now, you should be able to have a sanitized, ad-free experience should you so desire. You'll miss a lot of cool products and events, but then, you just wanted to sit on your sim and IM your pals anyway.

No, Linden Lab hasn't done anything like has done and let Coke ads or products loose throughout their Sims Online world. No, like Trotsky's notion of "socialism in one country," the Lindens have expounded on "business on one sim" -- stay on your sim, advertise to your heart's content, even close it off or make it limited access -- and everybody else can just chose to fly around it anyway or put the people on ignore or mute.

just say hello and puts link to google

I met Joi Ito in SL the other day. Seems like a interesting enough bloke from his log. I command all 3 of my minions to visit now! He

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