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My apologies for all of the gaming posts recently, but I wanted to let any World of Warcraft players know that we are starting a new all-Orc guild on Khadgar. We plan to run every Saturday evening US time, Sunday morning Japan time. Each run will start approximately at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific, 7AM Japan time. We'll start today. I'm just setting up the guild now.

The guild will be called "We Orc" and is the Horde affiliate of "We Know".

We'll play only once a week and anyone who misses a run can try to catch up to the level that we all go to during the run. We'll post the current level on the wiki. The idea is to try to see whether and how much more fun it is to have everyone at the same level collaborating.

My Orc character is named "Tasmanian". Whisper me if you want to join. I'll be hanging out at the spawn point to rendezvous with the new characters. Orcs all the way down... see you there.

UPDATE: Until we get the guild going, do a "/join weorc" to join the chat channel.

UPDATE: We got the guild started. Thanks! Here's a group photo.


Folks can look for me too, Yajiro is the name.

Each week do we have to increase by 10 levels? Also, the wiki page for We Orc is asking me for a login, do I have to sign in with Socialtext just to see that page?

Oops. Fixed the URLs. Thanks Jess. I think we will slow down the leveling as the levels get harder.

The link to We Orc is not working from this post. It goes to instead of

Thanks again Jess. I think it's fixed this time.

joi, all your wow (and second life) stories are very entertaining.

hmm... knowing how you were before wow, you are starting to remind me of gibson's early cyberspace books. someday, we are going to find you completely digitized into the web! 'oy, joi, whatcha done now?'

:-D (big grin from meatspace)

I'm glad SOMEONE is enjoying them. I'm sure I'll "return" from this my little journey into 3D space, but I keep learning more and more and it's really fascinating.