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Good post on Global Voices describing how Gaurav Sabnis made comments about an educational institution and receives threats to sue him for 30 billion rupees (45 rupees to a USD). Gaurav leave IBM but sticks behind his words and fights for his freedom of speech. This is an important issue where, as the GV post points out, the USP of the country is its open democracy.

It reminds me a bit of my incident...

via Suresh


Several other bloggers have picked the story up and most of them are receiving similar emailed threats to sue them for anywhere between 15 to 30 billion rupees.

First, IIPM (the institution they're all talking about) has to make good on their threat

And then they have to go through the process of getting a trial date and suing - in india's chronically overworked and slow civil courts.

So, the parties in this case are all likely to die of old age before anything concrete results.

The most entertaining part of this story was that because Gaurav works for IBM, the IIPM people threatened to have their students stage a public demonstration by burning a few hundred IBM laptops they'd recently bought, in front of IBM's new delhi office.

Well, its their laptops and if they want to burn them they're welcome is what I'd say. I doubt if that sort of wilful damage to a laptop would be quite useful in case they want to RMA them with IBM or claim insurance on them later though :)

For what its worth, IBM's management appears to have asked Gaurav quite a few times to reconsider his decision to quit - I believe they recognized that this was a private dispute and on his own time. This was a magnanimous gesture by him, to quit so that IBM's name didnt get dragged into the mud in what was effectively his private fight.

I'm beside myself at the tone of the arrest threats made by IIPM. I apologize for being in the dark on civil juris prudence in India, but is that kind of castigation even warranted for something like libel?

Those are emailed threats and no, there's broad consensus that its not warranted at all and IIPM is way out of line.

I expect they thought that pitching their threat hard enough would scare the guy off for keeps, possibly didnt anticipate this reaction

Might it be appropriate for Singh to step in and say a few words about this incident? I imagine that India prides herself on democracy, particularly while she struggles to march to her own drum in the face of so much competition from China. Just spouting conventional thoughts, but I am curious.

Singh being the indian prime minister Manmohan Singh?

Well - someone accuses a b-school of being a diploma mill and the b-school sends back hot air "i will sue you for $$$" threats.

So far its not reached the courts or done anything at all other than create a huge amount of noise on one blog or the other [besides whatever effect its having on Gaurav Sabnis's job hunt and what's left of IIPM's reputation]

Nothing at all here that warrants the prime minister to comment I guess .. considering the government is not involved in this at all

If I'm any judge of what's going to happen, Gaurav is going to move on to a different job, and IIPM will go on to lose some more reputation - though as they advertise very heavily indeed and the mass media hasnt picked this up very extensively, they'll most likely get more students sooner or later

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