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Shining remix. Excellent. ;-)

via Nick

UPDATE: NYT article about this video from Matt in the comments.


Haha! You've been in World of Warcraft too long! That absolutely fantastic video clip remix is two weeks old Joi!

Yeah. So I was told. ;-) It does show when you're not reading other blogs. ha.

Very good clip. RKO studios actually gave a similar treatment to the Citizen Kane trailer back in the late 30's. The studio felt that audiences had to be reeled in with a lighthearted, fun-loving analysis of an otherwise serious and brooding film.

"[Narrator]:SEE! Charles Foster Kane, and his whacky antics at work!

[cut to Orson Welles]:'I think it would be fun to run a newspaper!'

[bouncy, tip-toe-through-the-tulips music in the background]

how about a little history on how the remix came to be?

here's an nyt article on it:

heh, this Robert Ryang was a classmate of a friend of mine from Columbia. she also studied film.

You know, this *has* been done before. No offense to Mr. Ryang.

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