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Posted by Thomas Crampton

Interesting venture launching in a few weeks by a group of Mainstream Media journalists in a blog. It is called Pajama's Media and has contributors from a number of mainstream outlets.

I think a cooperative blog is a good model - style - and would like to explore those possibilities myself. Seems to me the key is finding the right mix of people and then letting them loose.

My company - the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times - is not moving into the blog sphere as quickly as I would advocate.

That said, some colleagues are blogging on their own: Howard French in Shanghai, for example. Don't know of others.


I like the Spool's cooperative blog:

Multiple contributors on the individual post level, not just the blog level.

Yes, Piers, interesting model, but it seems a little confusing to me.

My insta-reaction is that I prefer the clarity of a single person posting (who could then be responsible for reacting).

Hi Thomas,
I just checked out Howard French's blog--thanks for the link, I wasn't aware of that one! I see he has his articles posted in their entirety on there. How do newspaper employers feel about that? As the NYT is guarding some of their content now, I would imagine they wouldn't allow it.
I think you hit it on the head with the boingboing model. It's all in the mix of people. With BB, they blend together very well, but have divergent interests. I can often guess who posted what just from the openings.

Pajamas. The things some people get up to. On cloudy days, I blog in a beautifully tailored 3-piece suit, bowler hat and Chesterfield. When it's wet, I don my waders and a diving helmet, 'cause you never know. But if it's sunny, everything comes off except for my lucky tropical swimming shorts and snorkel. Now if I'm blogging late at night, I wear a trench coat, fedora, black socks and wing-tip Oxfords - and nothing else. But that's just me. If you're going to be so eccentric as to wear your pajamas, then obviously it's got to be an interesting place to be!

We've been experimenting with collaborative blogging on the Niner Niner Weblog Network this past year.

It all definitely depends on the writers you have on board.

One thing I'm proud of (as co-founder) is that we are an actual, full-fledged content network. (i.e. we are the copyright owners)

It may be semantic to readers, but there are many "networks" who are just collections of bloggers who throw a common logo on their sites. That's a pretty cool way to increase everyone's traffic and exposure, but it's not really a business model.

Shanti - I am not sure I understand. Does your site aggregate a set of blogs into one site or is it one site? Do you actually have revenues and if so, how do you divide them up?

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