Joi Ito's conversation with the living web.

I'll be speaking at USC tomorrow.

Can you tell we're in LA?

Speaker: Joi Ito
Time: Wednesday, October 19, 6-8pm
Location: USC's Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 201 Zemeckis Media Lab (ZML)
3131 South Figueroa Blvd./2nd Floor

UPDATE: The image above wasn't created by the folks at USC. It was discovered on hard disk. Does anyone know the source? We want to give proper attribution for this (cough) artwork.

UPDATE 2: Gene is the creator of the mashup.

UPDATE 3: The talk will be streaming in a few minutes. You need Windows Media Player 9. Here is the URL Join the AIM chat room imd


Hm, you look indeed better with that extra waistline ;)

And what will you be speaking *about*?

One hundred million weblogs....

Oh, Richard, that's sooo, like, 2004! Of course he will be speaking about one hundred trillion weblogs!

Wow, Joi is in my neck of the woods. Is the talk open to the general public or just invited guests?

That's CHARMING! :)

Lurve the smile.

You look grooovy, baaaby!

I'd love to know to whether this is open to the public or not. Couldn't find anything on the website. Anyone?

I'm checking on whether it is open to the public. Normally it isn't and it's not a large room. Maybe they can stream it. More tonight/tomorrow on this.

That would be cool if someone superimposed you head on the image of Fat Bastard!

Ha! Yes. That would surely be cool. ;-P

Yes, all USC Interactive Media wednesday nite seminars are open to the public. The talk will also be streamed (Windows Media 9 player or newer required). Right now we are bottlenecked by a 10mbps line, but hopefully by next semester we'll be able to accomodate many more simultaneous connections. If anyone would like to participate in our Backchannel chat room and ask questions remotely, please email me.

Although most of our talks are open to the public, we don't have room for more than a few extra people. The talk is geared toward our students and faculty. This isn't an auditorium and if we all show up it already gets jam-packed. Sorry folks. We know Joi is a true celeb but we can't guarantee that you will have a chair or even floor space to sit on...

You look really good in red!!! :D *wink wink*

Will be great if you would visit ;) my university :p

Who will be Dr.Evil speaking about, Goooooogle's blog? Is that a mojo your holding, trying to read to deep in to the visual content, sorry.

Mystery solved - the Joi mashup image author is Gene Becker and was originally posted on his fredshouse blog:

Yah, you just wanted to know who to send the Time Warner lawyers to. Hope the talk goes great, wish I was there.

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