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U.S. soldiers videotaped desecrating Taliban corpses.

U.S. soldiers videotaped desecrating Taliban corpses. The bodies were positioned to face Mecca and burned -- an act of desecration that violates Islamic burial rites and the Geneva Conventions. A U.S. PsyOps specialist broadcast an inflammatory message to the nearby town in order to incite an attack. "Attention, Taliban, you are all cowardly dogs. You allowed your fighters to be laid down facing west and burned. You are too scared to come down and retrieve their bodies. This just proves you are the lady boys we always believed you to be."

The video aired last night in Australia, but hasn't surfaced yet in the U.S. It won't be long, though.. "Wow, look at the blood coming out of the mouth on that one, fucking straight death metal."

I'm just re-blogging this in case you haven't seen it yet. I don't have much to add at this point.

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It has reached France thought.
The famous newspaper Le Monde, which is considered as the most serious in French has published an article about that a few hours ago.

There's an additional U.S. war crime involved that neither the New York Times nor Le Monde apparently noticed.

Check out:

The charge that the bodies were placed on an east/west axis is demonstrably false.

Long shadows cast by the sun always run east and west (unless the planet's orbit flipped for this picture), as shown by the shadows cast by the soldiers. The bodies are are perpendicular to the shadows, or oriented on a north/south axis.

The bodies, on obviously rocky ground, were reportedly several days old, and rotting. The terrorists weren't coming out to bury their buddies, and the ground is rocky, so the soldiers cremated the remains. To let them be eatern by animals would have been more of an insult, would it not?

Another unit of soldiers, a Psy-Ops unit, arrived after the cremation, and they used the opportunity to challenge the manhood and break the spirit of Taliban soldiers hiding in a village among women in children.

Boo freaking hoo.

Confederate Yankee:

"Boo freaking hoo?" What childish sentiment. About equal to the "fucking straight death metal" that accompanied the news story.

No American here would react with such equanimity were the equivalent to have been done to one of our soldiers. And we would expect much different as is our right under the very first Geneva Convention.

And before you bring out your keyboard sextant to take measurements from Stephen Dupont's photographs, you'll note that the bodies in those pictures are splayed at a variety of angles. This makes your reasoning of axial position indeterminate, and fully counter to Sgt. Baker's (Psyops) broadcast statement that the bodies were indeed turned to face Mecca before being roasted.

Sgt. Baker was culturally trained, and knew full well what the desecration without burial would mean to the Afghanis. (Obviously. Why else perform this stunt?)

And furthermore, he knew exactly the Article 17 stricture to "ensure that the dead are honourably interred, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged".

Yes, that's right. Our soldiers had a responsibility to bury them if they could. Since they had a enough time to stage and burn them, it's clear that they could have buried them.

Why would we act honorably and bury them? Because we're better than the Taliban. We're better because we don't hide our soldiers among women. We're better because we don't send our children out as distractions to draw fire.

But, we're only better if we act better. It doesn't happen on just say-so.

Why did we act dishonorably and violate their carcasses in death? Because we are steadily losing our moral compass over there.


Freedom is on the march!

Viz the BlogRevolt article about "an additional U.S. war crime":
"the utter stupidity and lack of cultural awareness of the U.S. Army Psychological Operations troops involved in this affair."

Aaaaaaaaaah, spoken like a man (or woman) comfortably out of the range of Taliban weaponry.

These incidents are disturbing, but to me equally strange is the Monday Morning Quarterback judgmentalism of the critics. You know, being on patrol in Iraq or Afghanistan, trying to sniff out Taliban or insurgents, is not just like playing World of Warcraft. We are so quick to make these calls despite basically having no idea of the situation these guys are in.

Sorry, but the attitude of the writer of that article really got me in a huff...

Peter, I could tolerate such stupidity from the Marines, people used to be shot at, or even understand it from some Air Force cowboy. But the army PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS division? You know, they are "intelligence" guys, they should know better. As psy-ops go, this one has clearly been a miserable failure, further undermining US credibility around the world (uhm, like you could go any worse than the Iraq pics...).

Peter dismisses my critique of the stupid US army posywar tricks as "spoken like a man (or woman) comfortably out of the range of Taliban weaponry."

Just for the record, I spent 10 years covering the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan, and was shot at and chased by gunships more times than I care to remember. I am familiar with Afghgan culture and psychology, having made many good friends during my time there.

So when I say these US ARmy tactics are stupid and won't work, I think I probably have more direct experience in the fighting zon es of Afghanistan to back up my views than Peter has.

As for violating the laws of war concerning treatment of enemy remains and threats of collective punishment, well that's not a matter of opinion but of fact. Read the Geneva Accords for yourself, chicken hawk.

Pavel, I served at a small forward operating base just between kandahar and tarin kowt. i served on our security/qrf force which responded to all serious incidents of combat in a 40 mile radius, unless the helos could get there. If you would have seen some of the sheer agony that the taliban put there own people through, or actually got to fight some of them. YOU would not even be criticizing the u.s. army for any acts un "immoral" nature. granted it isnt the army as a whole, every society today has people who are "immoral" or "screw ups". But screw that,they deserve every bit they got, and more.

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