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The nomination committee (NomCom) of ICANN announced today they have chosen Njeri Rionge from Kenya for another term on the ICANN board and has added Susan Crawford to the board. I'm glad to be working with Njeri who I met on the ICANN board. Susan's one of the people who helped me understand ICANN in the before I joined the board and I'm psyched to be working with her. If you're interested in ICANN you've probably been following her blog, but if not, you should. It's one of my must read blogs.

The NomCom has also announced a number of other important ICANN positions today:

ccNSO Council - Slobodan Markovic (Serbia and Montenegro, Europe)
GNSO Council - Avri Doria (USA, North America), Sophia Bekele (Ethiopia, Africa)
Interim At Large Advisory Committee - Jacqueline Morris (Trinidad and Tobago, Latin America/Caribbean Islands), Alice Wanjira (Kenya, Africa), Siavash Shahshahani (Iran, Asia/Australia/Pacific)

The word "nomination" is a bit confusing. There is a process before they are officially board members, but for all practical purposes, they have been chosen. Congrats and thanks to the new members and to the NomCom who have been working VERY hard.

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Congratulations to them all, especially to Susan.

True clue there, not long rants with vague and impractical ideas, driven by a fixed and overpoweringly blinkered world view that "icann is bad" behind them like the article at