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I will again be going to the Chaos Computer Congress organized by the Chaos Computer Club in Germany. You know. THE Chaos Computer Club. They are one of the oldest hacker clubs in the world and they have an annual meeting. This will be the 22nd annual meeting. Last year I attended and gave a talk about free culture and Creative Commons. This year I'll be speaking about their theme, "private investigations" and am an "ambassador at large." I will work on my talking notes on my wiki. (Nothing there yet.)

If you're in Berlin December 27th to 30th or anywhere close, I definitely urge you to attend. There are thousands of hackers participating in an incredible conference that rounds 24 hours a day. Activities range from the computer art to parties to a go (the Japanese game) lounge to serious academic presentations. As usual, I hear the Wikipedians will be there as well.

The conference has a web page and they also have a blog.


Been there once and once at the CCC camp back in 2003.

It really worth the trip (was a 2*15 hours road trip), and the speech level is quite good.

The blog is not open to community comments. Its seems that they have sterlized converstions!!

Secondly, they are running a trust certificate that appears to be "untrustable" - to certain class of systems/handhelds. Still trying figure out that foo on sha1 and md5 thumbprints.

What I find interesting is that in the EU it appears to be easier to held such meetings and conventions. If this was in the norTh americas - there would be a swarm of legal and law all over !!

Hello pd,

of course everybody can comment in the public weblog!


Hello Joi,

i've been listening to your talk the last year and am very happy to see/hear you again. It was one of the most interesting talks. Thanks for enriching the congress!