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10 Most Powerful Women in Blogging


8. Joi Ito of Technorati ( ) has her hands in a lot of Web 2.0 companies, some you might not even know about yet. This makes her damn powerful. Often times the one you don’t know that well is the most powerful. My personal favorite because she seems to help people get shit done.


Sorry about having a ambiguous name, but I'm not a woman. I've been mistaken for a women by various bloggers, but this is the first time I've made it on a 10 most XYZ Women in ABC list. ;-P

via Jeff via Gothamist


looks like this caused gothamist a bit of embarrassment? they pulled the plug on the URL:

hee hee!

Looks like all of Gothamist has taken the royal dump.

Oh, Joi, there’s no need to deny it — we’ll still love and respect you when you let the real Joi out.

"Umm, when the nurse comes by, tell her 'never mind.'"

Gothamist is back and blames Asian culture. I think American culture is the problem. Joi is read "Joy". Not really a male name, like "Hardy", "Josh!" or "Zep".

And just to remove any doubt... a 'helmet shot' in todays moblog

>>And just to remove any doubt... a 'helmet shot' in todays moblog

Yeah - will tomorrow be the indian, the cowboy, or the cop? :-p

It's a branding problem.
You should have a photo of yourself in the banner, if you care.
Of course, your readership might drop if everyone knows you're a guy...

Joi -- you look really cute in a dress.

I was convinced for a minute that you were a woman. Almost blaming myself for pre-judging that you were a man. That was close

Well that'll make your Second Life outings more interesting!

Dear Joi:

If you had any idea of the mail I've gotten over the years addressed to "Ms."...and anyone who really knows English should be able to tell the difference "Francis" or "Frances" is like "His" and "Hers".

So, been there, done the halter top...

Please, everyone knows Mizuka does all of Joi's blogging.

I guess you need to explain that, for English speakers, the translation is "Joey," not "Joy."

Andrea is almost always a female name in the US but is very commonly a male name in Europe and so I am familiar with this online confusion. I do know a woman who spells her name Joi, it never occured to me that I'd been calling her Joey all this time.

I read this blog for a month in the beginning thinking you were a woman and recall the embarrassment when I found out otherwise, but just a private embarrassment since I hadn't yet given you any awards. Maybe the picture should be a permanent feature. No ambiguity there, a fine image.

LoL! Hilarious!

Does your pretty fiancé know you're really a woman? :oP


Parker: 伊藤 穰一

well.. at least you have a "position" no other man could have :P

Oh these americanos ...

穰さん, at least you can make the URL to "About Joi" slightly more, erm, prominent? :P

I also have a name that gets treated as a feminine name by foreigners. I have all these letters from hotels, email from subcontracts etc, that always start with "Miss", which is mostly hilarious and only somewhat annoying. "Taneli" is actually a finnish version of "Daniel"..

Admit it, you made it to be in that A-list too? :)))

LOL, it's good to take this as a funny thing. Good humor sense in this side of the blogosphere.

This makes life more fun, no? ;)

Congradulations! I can see how this mistake was made, but surely if you're making a list of the top 10 most powerful women in the blogosphere you should check that all the people you're considering are actually women?

I still say take it as a feather in your cap.

Sometimes the best woman for a job is a man.

Pretty dreadful really - the least they could have done is visited your site! It sounds like they just took a list of search results from somewhere and didn't check the details.

jajaja really funny!

Hey, Joi ... what bothers you more, the fact that you were mistaken for a woman, or that you only made #8 on the list? :-)

Congratulations, you are a part of a majority, the 51% or the human race. Came here via Sinead @ Sigla. all the best

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