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Wrote a story about Burda, a German media company that has embraced blogging.

The CEO (grandson of founder) says he never plans to ever open a new printing plant!

Stock analysts fear they may be ahead of the curve in terms of going digital too soon.


I love these sorts of headlines. Is that "embraces" like in the sweet cloying embrace of death sort of way, or in the friendly but non sexual way or something else entirely?

Chris: Too funny!! (Only the future will tell!)

What nonsense! Burda Media’s use of Blogs as a journalistic format is very limited (and not so professional either).

Burda Media does not use Blogs to create and add users content and/or make Bloggers content available for their readers and/or users of its online portals. Burda does not offer any Blogger platform and/or tools. They do not use Blogs in the marketing, reader or advertising relation nor in editorial marketing.

So why you think, Hubert Burda Media Embraces Bloggers?

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