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My friend Kenji Eno was reminiscing about how cool the old 128K Mac was. He Googled around looking for pictures and had a hard time finding one. He was going to sketch an illustration of one, but ended up making a cut-out paper craft version of it that you can download as a PDF. Today, one of his clients called and said they saw this blog post and asked him how their project was going... I'm going to send him a World of Warcraft CD tomorrow...

(He made a paper video iPod too...)


I used to have a 5 by 5 rack of 128K, Plus, and SEII macs. That was a nice decoration for the wall.

I want one of those as decor, damnit. My G4 isn't cute enough!

there are a fair ammount of these on the .jp netspace, I have a papercraft Color Classic II and G4 Cube on my desk right now. I mighta found the links to them thru boingboing

What a nice morning. I was kind of stressed at first, but after getting a cup of tea, and folding together this piece of art, life is just wonderful ;)

Was the first 'real' computer I worked on. Signed on the inside. My business partner donated it to the Rochester school district years later. I said, you did WHAT with it?

Thanks for the memories.

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