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The Nikkei
10:31 13Sep2005 NIKKEI Hakuhodo Teams Up With Russian Ad Agency

Note: I couldn't identify the Russian firm. This is just a guess. KMD

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Hakuhodo Inc. formed a business partnership Monday with Russian advertising agency Prior Advertising, joining the growing ranks of Japanese automakers, consumer electronics firms and other businesses moving into the country to tap its developing economy.

Through its partnership with Prior, Hakuhodo aims to secure orders from
Japanese companies operating in Russia.  The Russian firm, meanwhile, will handle accounts on Hakuhodo's introduction.

Through this joint effort, the partners will aim for sales of 500 million yen over the next year.

Prior, an independent advertising company, recorded sales of about 65 million dollars, or roughly 7.1 billion yen, in the year ended December 2004.

Dentsu Inc. (4324) in August reopened its Moscow branch, which was temporarily closed.  Through its collaboration with Prior, Hakuhodo aims to compete with Dentsu in the Russian market.

The Russian advertising market is continuing to show growth.  In 2004, it was worth about 420 billion yen, up 30% from the previous year.
     (The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Tuesday morning edition)

"Note: I couldn't identify the Russian firm. This is just a guess. KMD"? This sounds like a message from the reporter to the editor. Oops. ;-)

The Nikkei is one of the largest newspapers in Japan. I guess even they screw up sometimes... or maybe they're trying to make it sound a bit more "bloggy".


As if bloggers never make mistakes...;)

No. We NEVER make mistakes. ;-)

I just thought this goof was funny/cute.

Working on a tight deadline for Olympics coverage in the 1990s we accidentally ran a production note in the IHT: "Bob says we have to finish up and send this page NOW!!! Like now!!"

At least that's better than a local indian rag, the Deccan Chronicle (

About 6 or 7 years ago, they printed as their lead frontpage story some "news" that was basically a Fw:Fw: chain letter that their editor'd got in email. You know, the "no shit! windows xp has secret subliminal advertising in it!!! forward this to all your friends!!!" variety.

wow, a line of text slips by a copy editor, amazing

Back when used to send out AFP dispatches to Usenet groups, I came across one from Japan consisting of a cleaned-up version of the story followed by the original, which was written in poor English by a Japanese staffer. Someone forgot to delete the original before posting. It was a rare chance to see a "before and after" news article.

There are plenty of cases like this on the Web. You can find articles here and there with editor's comments, and [paragraphs enclosed in brackets] indicating that the information in them isn't essential and can be deleted if the stories won't fit in the co,lumn-inches alloted to them in a print edition.

It's nothing special, and what's more, it can be fixed in place . . . no need to put a corrections column in the next day's Web edition. :-)

Some months ago an editor of, the website of germanys biggest weekly newspaper, published an article about the judgment of "the cannibal of rothenburg", a man who ate up another one and was jailed for that. The editor made up a headline "13 years for a nip (okay, okay, thats not possible)"... Google News Users had a good long laugh about that.