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I've accepted an invitation from my old friend Martin Varsavsky to be a fonero and an advisor to FON. Cory blogged about this in October, but FON is a cool P2P WIFI service which allows users to share their WIFI networks with each other eventually creating a global roamable network. They're launching first in Spain but plan to push out worldwide.


Welcome aboard!

welcome to the revolution!

i cant believe it!!!!

Welcome to the FON movement Joi! The new english version of our website is up:


Welcome aboard. It will be a pleasure a pleasure working with you and Martin Varsavsky!!!

This might turn out very useful to circumvent the harmful proposals in the EU parliament to store all traffic data. I have blogged those today, since it seems that some kind of legislation will actually be passed in the near future.

If we get a couple of hundred thousand Wifi hotspots across Europe run by people who don't know who uses them, it will be difficult to enforce traffic data storage against those mini-providers, and even if there is a logfile left, the Wifi provider would not know the name of the user in question.

I note that over 50.000 people signed the petition against the traffic data retention proposals, so it might be possible to get that kind of coverage rather fast, at least faster than the legislators come through with their obnoxious plans.

That in turn would depend on whether people billing for access (the "Bills" in the FON system) could accept payment anonymously, for example over e-gold or a similar sensible payment mechanism.

And it would also depend on whether people who log in as "Linus" would tell the Wifi provider in question their name, or if the list of names and associated passwords is kept out of reach of individual providers, and maybe in a country respecting the human right to confidential communication (e.g. Japan), out of easy reach for the people who try building an European Internet surveillance infrastructure.

I don't know if those conditions are true. But if they are, this FON idea might have turned up exactly in time to help moot the plans to watch all European citizens all the time.

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Welcome aboard and good luck!!!

Hope to see you soon in Spain!

Japan DAISKI Fon

Hey Joi, maybe it would have been better if you look at and all the free networking movements instead. As far as I can see Martin is just taking up the idea of hacking a linksys and creating a bottom up network. That's quite cheesy in my opinion. Since the freifunk style networks are _really_ free. For examplt, FON is using chillispot as backend but that is GPL, I never saw FON release anything as GPL!!

a2k: Check out where you will find source downloads for the FON firmwares.


(working with FON)

How are you all faring with FON? I have found that tech support is useless. Emails are answered with almost automated replies weeks later :(

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