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I've just spent five days in Croatia visiting Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The trip was organized by the Creative Commons Croatia dynamic duo, Marcell and Tomi with the support of CARNet. CARNet is the Croatian Academic and Research Network and I gave a keynote at their 7th Internet Users Conference in Dubrovnik.

After Dubrovnik, I went to Zagreb and gave two presentations organized by Marcell, Tomi and the mama team. mama is a very cool media center, library, community center that is the meeting place of a number of really interesting communities in Croatia. One of the communities that hangs out there is the anime community who I had a chance to meet. They were extremely organized, fun and knew everything about Japanese anime. I learned a lot from them and renewed my feeling that a stronger relationship between anime publishers and their fans would be a win-win.

While I was in Dubrovnik, Marcell drove me to Montenegro and gave me a full day talk on the history of the region and many of the issues. A lot of the news that I had been skimming in the past about the war in the region and the struggle of the people all sort of fell into place. The scenery was beautiful with a mix between ancient towns and cool new restaurants and bars. Although I'm sure Marcell is slightly biased, it was a great opportunity for me to learn about an area of the world that until this trip has been filed in my brain under "Eastern Europe". As I mentioned earlier when writing about my friend Veni from Bulgaria, I am going to make an effort to visit and learn more about Eastern Europe and make up for my embarrassing lack of knowledge of the region and I think this was a good start.

Thanks again for the hospitality and for sharing your culture with me.

I've uploaded a few pictures from the trip.

I'm posting this from my flight to Vancouver where I will be attending the ICANN meeting.


Joi, did you get wi-fi service on your flight to Vancouver? I flew JAL Tokyo-Vancouver yesterday, and I hadn't heard anything about them starting Internet service on that route... however, just before takeoff they announced that Internet service wasn't available due to some problem, and apologized.

Also, do you have any down time in Vancouver? I'm sure a lot of the local online/blogging community would love to meet you... let us know if you'd like something set up!

There is wifi on this LH flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver and it seems to be working fine. Yeah, I'd be into getting together. Meet me in IRC to coordinate. ;-)

Joi, I missed you in the channel; unfortunately I succumbed to the jet lag monster and crashed for a few hours just after I commented.

I'll keep an eye peeled for you on IRC, or please drop me a line by mail...

Nice seeing you last night cam.

How great that you got to go to Croatia, Joi. It is Europe's best-kept secret. I love the Dalmatian coast, but only got to spend a very short time near Rijeka. I hope to visit Dubrovnik some time.

Croatians have been through a lot in the last few years, but they are so friendly and hospitable. They're a great people.

Hi Joi,
You now have a Croat working at Technorati. Want to know more about Croatia? Ask away!

didn't know you were visiting so close. you're welcome to hungary as well anytime :)


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