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I will be a panelist in a public roundtable discussion at the Vancouver ICANN meeting entitled "Welcome to ICANN, Here’s What It Means To You." The roundtable is scheduled for Wednesday, 30 November, 10:30 - 11:30, at the Columbia's Westin Bayshore.

The purpose of the roundtable is to introduce ICANN -- its community and its work -- to the local and regional community and press. The roundtable will feature members of the ICANN community in an informal, moderated discussion of what ICANN does, why ICANN is important to various stakeholder communities, what the ICANN community will be doing in Vancouver, why you volunteer your time with ICANN, and how people can get involved.
If you're coming to an ICANN meeting for the first time, I would suggest you come to this meeting.


The Vancouver roundtable seems interesting, just as the upcoming Paris Conference "Les Blogs" in December. Perhaps you could give me some more information on that ?
I am a Greek-German journalist working in English, German or Greek (sometimes also in Spanish...) and I just started my BlogPage on globalization, smart ideas, creative tools and education. The adress is, last entry was an interview with Mr.Urdahl, Head of International Business at Web.De, the biggest German Internet portal. Perhaps you could just have a look and, why not, post a comment or recommend the site to friends and colleagues ?
AND : May I contact you after the paris conference for a short interview, sort of Q & A, on your work and on your impressions of Vancouver and Paris ?
I guess it would be interesting for blogers to hear more from an expert having first-hand knowledge of ICANN...

Thank You,

Sounds interesting, Joi... probably a good idea to bring a laptop along so we can follow along on your IRC channel, I guess?

Joi, the ICANN website still doesn't indicate which sessions will be webcast... anything you can do about that?

Yeah, I will be on IRC too.

Danny, I'll see if I can poke staff about that.

Joi: virtual particpation /webcasting is a norm in todays world. I am failing too see why you need to poke around for it too happen. Methinks that webcasting is an ideal way to promote transprancy and also get media attention.

ICCAN should be leading the way as a model working group/consortium-afterall this group models the Internet in more ways then one !!

Well, webcast but I think they only have the sessions in the main rooms. I'm trying to find a list of the meetings by room... but I know all of the public forums will be webcaset.

Joi, I'm a MSc Interdisciplinary Studies student here at UBC. I follow your blog. If you want to visit UBC, while you are here, please let me know.

I have a meeting on Wednesday and won't be able to attend this panel.

Joi, in attempting to use the GAC's new Vancouver Public
Comment Forum, ( I encountered the following error message: "The message you entered is larger than the maximum size for a message as specified by the board administrator. Message size is limited to 0 kilobytes. Your message was 0.3 kilobytes. You can try splitting this message into two or more separate posts." It's really hard to send a 0 kilobyte message. Could you ask staff to look into this also? Thanks.

Thanks Danny. I'll notify them immediately.

Did anyone ever figure out a time and place for a Vancouver dinner that works for everyone? I had to tune out of the IRC channel while I was in a conference and missed the end of that conversation...

Danny, it turns out it is GAC and not ICANN that handles that page. The bug has been sent to the GAC person in charge of this. Thanks again for pointing it out.

cam, not yet. It's starting to look pretty tight. See you on IRC again to coordinate whether this is possible.

I can't make the Wednesday meeting (we're doing our Northern Voice 2006 planning meeting that day), but I put up an entry ( for a geek dinner tomorrow night, suggesting Steamworks.

When is the next meeting by the way?