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When I got off the plane in Zagreb, Croatia, my phone rang. "Hello? Mr. Ito?" "Yes?" "Are you in the US, this is Richard." "No. I'm in Croatia, who's this?" "I sent you an email about speaking at a meeting about the "Knowledge Economy in Paris on the 1st of December." "I'm sorry, I can't be there. I'll be in Vancouver for an ICANN meeting." "Oh, will you have an Internet connection?" "Yes." "Will you be available at midnight?" "Ummm... I guess so." "Great. I will send more details by email. *click*"

Of course, I'm probably free at midnight, but I wasn't sure if that was great. After a bit of juggling around I got everything set up with a pretty neat presentation client they were using. I was all ready to go at 11PM for the sound check etc. "Ah, we will start one hour late. At 1AM. Please take a break." Take a break? I forgot that even though I was in Vancouver, the conference was actually in Europe and it wasn't CNN. Hmmm... I was a bit sleep and a bit cranky from lack of sleep, but I was able to give a short talk to 600 people in Paris from a conference room in a hotel in Vancouver and interact with them. All of this was coordinated with a few casual phone calls and an "umm, yeah, I guess I'll be free at midnight." It's 1:30AM now and I have to be up in another few hours.

Just "dropping in" is becoming very easy and on the one hand you don't have to travel all the way to participate in things. On the other hand, you end up on "global time" and have perpetual jet lag. I'm not sure if I like this trend, but one thing for sure, I'm sleepy. Good night.


You should look into adopting the Uberman (a.k.a. polyphasic) sleep schedule. Eliminates both the jet lag and the time difference issues.

I did something very similar when I ended up double booked to speak at Harvard and in San Jose on the same day.
it worked out pretty well and was an interesting change from remotely being in the conference audience via webcast and IRC.

George: Yes. I've heard of it. I should try it.

Kevin: The video rocked.

I see Engrish was a prerequisite... :o)

Actually Joi, I was just thinking the same thing here. How do you actualyl cope with jet lag with soo much of travel and inbetween various timezone ?? wont it be better that you actually sit at home (whereever that is) and setup a state of the art -lab and then tele-immerse yourself into which ever conference that you have scheduled yourself ??

that is, the prerequisite for your attendence is that you will webcast /IRC yourself ONLY ! I made note of the CNN hacks at the situation room and its a reality correct ?? you have been thru it twice already !!

do you think that this is the wave of the future ??

Nice to meet you last week in Zagreb. Sergey from SAP Croatia put up nice video coverage of your presentation The sharing economy with Q&A , it's here and Dario Markus from made a small gallery of that evening.
Here -
Slowdown Joi, it's attention economy after all ;)

Maybe you could say "no" once in a while?

Hey Joi

You should just learn to say "No" :)

While I agree that jetlag sucks (my 14 hour flights to Japan and Korea are no fun), "I was able to give a short talk to 600 people in Paris from a conference room in a hotel in Vancouver and interact with them."

Isn't that just the amazing reality of this future of ours?

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