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Europeans seem to be taking their real-world battles online with different views on domain names.

Wrote on it today: Cyberspace Unity Eludes Europeans

The EU wants people to use the newly launched .eu, while the national domain registries want people to use country domain names.

Neat fact:

The second largest domain suffix after .com is .de for Germany, according to Verisign.

Do domain names matter? Hasn't Google killed the need for them?


Do you get money from Brussels when you take an .eu domain? There would not be that many real Europeans that are already online, or not?

Fons: So far, only trademark-related registrations can take place. It is all about protecting against domain name squatters.

this is a good question. After sun raising the .eu domain. I think it would be prudent that the .eu will be used by folks all over. The question is who holds ccTLA for domain registration ?? The other tier1 level folks who run and lease out space will now have to tear down all the relationships of the down stream providers.. like the ones who lease the .it or the .nl or the .whatever ..

so why would I want users to .eu when my digital asset space is only in the .it or the .de domain ??

Firstly, its a business proposition between TLAs and domain registars.
Secondly, if a user would still like to hold their own identiofy in terms of business space.. which looks like or and or .. this makes it a lot easier for companies to spread their digital content and manage the same. else it becomes boring

marketwatch jus throw me this datanuggut

"Applications for European Union Web domains are now being accepted and the most requested addresses have been,,, and, according to EURid, the registrar for the new .eu domain. Germany was the country from which the most domain registration requests came initially, accounting for 35%, followed by France (12%) and the Netherlands (12%). EURid said it received 45,000 requests in the first 20 minutes after opening for business this week."

Domain names will continue to be relevant for variety of reasons:

1. People love them. Well over 100 million registrations out there.

2. They are unambiguous. Yes, you can probably find something on Google, but are you really going to tell your customer, "Oh go search for my goods and services, my company's probably up there somewhere" - ?

3. They're quicker than search engines

4. They are effectively property, and they are one of the few ways to control a space on the Internet

5. The DNS is how the Internet gets routed. That may change, but at the moment -- no domain names, no routing (unless you really want to go back to IP addresses)

[paraphrase]Do languages|countries|trademarks|local information|etc matter? Hasn't Google killed the need for them?[/paraphrase]

Can I assume that this whole post was just someone being lazy?

Domains matter. Type in traffic is getting more not less.

However if .EU matters is a different question ;-)


For a funny article about why domains DO matter read the following...,17863,1132510,00.html

I think the following quote is telling:

"Cross-border commerce was aggressively pushed by many in the business world, along with the euro, and a dot-eu address was seen by some as helping ease EU-wide trade."

Wishfull thinking perhaps? Does it really matter (To Joi's point) anymore? And isn't that what the .com suffix already solves?

The real problem in the future is the lack of IP adresses, not names. I know it's not as sexy an issue, but this is all for not if we don't solve that pending crisis.

Type of domain matters - especially if you talk to Americans a lot, but other nations have similar problems: They just can't get around domains that don't end in .com, or maybe .net. I have had many casdes where people misspelled my domain as :-/