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Mitch Kapor has been working with Todd to scratch and itch that I think all Firefox users with more than one computer have had - synching bookmarks. They're now starting a serious beta of Foxmarks. Foxmarks is a service that allows you to upload and synch your bookmarks to their WebDAV server. Up until now, I was using a utility to sync my bookmarks to Safari and .Mac to sync between computers. Much better now. Thanks Mitch and Todd!


Why bother? Foxylicious can sync with, what more do you need?

What about the already existing Bookmarks Synchronizer designed for Firefox? It works great but you do have to have your own webspace somewhere to put the XML file.

I love it, wouldn't browse away from home without it.

I use Foldershare ( to sync between home and office computers. It lets you sync any folder, including bookmarks.

Foxmarks handles conflicts nicely which is something other extensions don't all do. Also, it works with the native bookmarks in the browser which doesn't do.

I remember tediously creating huge collections of bookmarks when the web started. Carefully divided into Folders.

But since search engines keep getting better, and works the way it does, I've almost completely stopped using them. Just type what you want in the search bar!

I think bookmarks are dying as a concept, 99% of the bookmarks are not really necessary anymore.

I have to agree with Jan, in times of and all the other social bookmarking sites, browser based bookmarks are about to die. Haven't used mine for quite some time.

I use both delicious and my browser based bookmarks. I have tons of tools and admin pages bookmarked that I would never put on delicious. (Unless there is a way to use delicious that I'm missing.) Do you have a bunch of private bookmarks that you don't want to share?

Second vote for Bookmarks Sychronizer. It's an excellent extension for FF, although they should compress the bookmark file a bit since it gets bloaty ..

Mitch, I have to disagree - what Foxylicious does is sync bookmarks to the local browser booksmarks, generating folders for tags (and combinations of tags). Give it a try ;)

Joi Ito said: "Do you have a bunch of private bookmarks that you don't want to share?"

As far as I can see, has no privacy policy. Hence, they are free to share your private bookmarks!

I've been using Bookmarks Synchronizer for a while but it resets the feed directory for the Sage feed reader - which is annoying. I'll try Foxmarks out. The FAQ states that you can use your own webspace.

After my last comment, I tried Foxmarks with my own webspace and have decided to keep using Bookmarks Synchronizer instead. The Foxmarks XML file was much larger (500KB vs 120KB) and it appeared to be syncing automatically even though auto sync was not checked. Bookmarks Synchronizer also offers more options that give me more control.

I'll keep an eye on Foxmarks as it matures, especially since I think they've stopped developing Bookmarks Synchronizer - I had to hack the maxversion to get it to work with FF 1.5.

I have not Foxmarks yet, but have tried the somewhat disappointing Bookmarks Synchronizer. I much prefer the ease of use of Abstract Mouse, which syncs between multiple browsers, allows you to share your bookmarks with others, subscribe to the bookmarks of your friends, manages merge conflicts, and also provides a handy web interface to boot. Unlike, bookmarks are heirarchical, which is incredibly handy. I encourage everyone to at least try Abstract Mouse. It couldn't be easier to setup...

regarding Foxmarks and privacy

- there is no terms of service agreement yet, but there will be. this is still beta.

- as co-founder of EFF, I take privacy very seriously and will respect the privacy of user data during this stsrtup period

I agree with Ken, I use the already existing Bookmarks Sync. Wouldn't want to live without it.

Thanks for developing this Mitch. I am curious, a lot of the interface seems very similar to Bookmarks Synchronizer, did you use that as your starting point?

Apropos Srijith's comment: I have considerable faith in Mitchell Kapor, available privacy policy or no. He is one of the founders of the EFF, Chairman of the Mozilla and the Open Source Foundations, and other accomplishments too numerous to note. I really don't think he is going to take my bookmarks and make nefarious use of them!

Oh yes, and the software (beta or no) works very nicely so far, unlike Bookmarks Synchronizer, which perversely upped and died on my machine shortly after installation, It meets a real need, and I'm delighted to have discovered it. Thanks, Mr. Kapor.


Gee thanks Byrne. I just tried the Abstract Mouse product and it ate the contents of my Bookmarks Toolbar Folder on two different PC's. Upon "syncing," it copied them to the server, deleted them from Firefox, and refuses to sync them back. That's not cool.

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